When is the Right Time to Rewire Your Home?

What is the most important component of your home? Your electrical system, as it tops the list of being the most vital part of your entire home. You depend on it for a countless number of things. It powers up the lights, the appliances, and your various gadgets. If the electrical system is in poor condition, it puts your whole house at risk.

For this reason, people hire electricians to rewire the whole house to ensure that the electrical system is in optimal condition. However, with time, the electrical system may encounter problems, and you might need to consult the services of an electrician again to inspect the house.

After a detailed examination of the premises, the electrician will tell you if your house needs rewiring or not. Still, it is beneficial that you do not let matters regarding your electrical system get worse, and call upon the services of an electrician when you detect and repair even the minor problems within the system. Some of the problems that you can detect yourself, and could be the problem due to faulty wiring are:

1.     Examine for Loose Switches

Loose switches are an indication of an imminent break down waiting to happen. The wire contacts in the switches have come apart, and this is what is leading the switches to loosen. You do not want to have any loose switches in your home.

Therefore, examine all the switches, and if some of them are coming loose, you know whom to call—a professional electrician. Electricians may recommend that you rewire your home if the problem cannot be solved by tightening the switches.

2.     Touch the Outlets and Switches to Determine Their Temperature

Outlets and switches should not feel warm when touched. If they do feel warm, you need to rewire your home by calling an electrician so they can replace or inspect it. Touch all the major outlets and switches in your home to see if they are overheating. If they are, do not waste time in delaying the call.

3.     Examine for Loose Plugs

You might need to consult an electrician to rewire your home if the plugs are coming loose. If you do not address the situation, you are increasing the chances of a fire hazard. Moreover, loose plugs can damage the entire wiring throughout your home, which is an outcome of worn contacts causing electrical arcs.

4.     Look for Signs of Rust

Do you spot rust forming on the plugs, electrical panels, or switches? The formation of rust can significantly damage your electrical system by destroying it from the inside. You need to get the electrical system inspected as quickly as possible, as you know where there is rust, the culprit behind the mess is water.

If you suspect there is a problem with your wiring, and have come across the aforementioned signs of faulty wiring, you should consider calling the professionals at Bonfe for all your electrical repair and maintenance and they will look into the issue.

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