Top Electrical Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make at Home

Are you thinking of handling electrical maintenance at home yourself? Are you sure you are making the right decision to take on such a huge responsibility? Electrical systems are complexly structured, and if you cut the wrong wire or install an outlet improperly, the entire houses electrical system may be in jeopardy.

To avoid this dreadful scenario from ever coming true, you need to take extra precaution when making electrical repairs at home. You need to prevent yourself from making the following electrical mistakes:

1.     Do Not Make Connections Outside of the Electrical Box

If you are installing a light outdoors and there is no electrical box in sight, do not attempt to wire a connection in the location you think an electrical box should be placed or on its outside, if present.

Solution:  Add a junction box to establish the electrical connection

2.     Do Not Cut Electrical Wires too Short

In order to install a new switch or outlet, people tend to cut the electrical wires too short, spelling trouble for the whole house. The electrical wires need to protrude from the box so make them three inches long.

Solution:  For existing short wires, extend them using six inch extensions

3.     Do Not Leave the Cable Exposed

According to the electrical code, you need to protect the cables, placing them between the walls. This means you cannot put the cable under or over the wall framing, as it will leave the cable exposed.

Suggestion:  Use a small board along with the cable to protect the cable from damage.

4.     Do Not Leave Loosely Connected Outlets

Wires connected loosely can cause a fire, endangering people in the house. Make sure that wires do not come out from the terminal and remain securely inside at all times.

Solution:   In order to prevent the wires from overheating, use plastic spacers to ensure that the wire is attached to the wall.

5.  Do Not Install a Three Slot Replaceable without a Ground Wire

It is not acceptable to replace a two-slot outlet with a three-slot outlet to plug in a three-pronged plug. Before you begin to make any type of replacement, check to see if the outlet is grounded. If you do not know, replace the outlet with a two-slot outlet.

Suggestion:  Use special testers to ensure that the outlet is correctly wired.

6.  Do Not Reverse Neutral and Black Wires

Do not place the black wire into the neutral terminal. Even though everything in your house will function, your electrical system might malfunction. Only the white wires are supposed to connect to the neutral terminal.

You can identify which one is which by the color of the wire. For instance, hot terminals are darker gold whereas the screw is silver or lighter. The grounding wire’s terminal will be green with its wire being copper.

Suggestion:  Carefully look at the wires when changing the switches and outlets.

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  1. What a wonderful article! I have been searching for this kind of help from the past two months. But since I didn’t find I had to call up the electrician to replace my knobs and wiring. The service was so good. The technician who came was also friendly and taught me a few things to do by myself. But I wish I had read this before. Thanks for posting this dude!

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