Bonfe’s Customer Commitment

Our Customer Guarantees

Bonfe’s Customer Commitment covers everything from heating and air conditioning services to plumbing, electrical, drains, and sewers. If you buy repairs or equipment from Bonfe, we guarantee it for as long as you live in your home. Whether it’s a furnace, boiler, air conditioner, water heater, electrical panel, toilet, sewer liner, or any other products that Bonfe replaces and services, we’ve got you covered. If there’s any issue after replacement, simply give us a call and we’ll send a technician to your home to take care of it. We stand behind all our work. See our promises to you:

Bonfe’s 3 Key Promises:

  1. Regular Rates 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.; 7 Days a Week
  2. Local Team Available 24/7/365
  3. Lifetime Warranty on Recommended Repairs & Replacements
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Bonfe Guarantees

Quick Cool

If you call us by noon and we can’t get to your home the same day, we will put you up in a hotel to ensure a cool, comfortable night’s sleep.*

Quick Heat

After you schedule service, if we cannot get a technician there within 4 hours, we will send space heaters upon your request to help keep your home warm until we can get there.

Quick Hot Water

If you call us by 2 pm and we can’t get your water heater installed by 10pm the same day, we will put you up in a hotel for the night to ensure you can take a hot shower.* And, we will take an additional $500 off the price of your water heater.

Quick Power

If you’re having a significant electrical power outage or issues in your home, give us a call. If we can’t get there same day, we will put you up in a hotel for the night.*

Quick Drain

If you cannot use the plumbing and drains in your home, call us. If we can’t get there the same day, we will put you up in a hotel for the night.*

System Check Guarantee

We stand by our work. When a Bonfe technician performs a system check on a heating or cooling system and that system needs repairs within the same season it was serviced, Bonfe will credit up to the annual value of the plan ($132) toward the repair/replacement.*

*Repair & maintenance work recommended during the Tune Up and declined by the customer is not covered by the Guarantee.

Heat Exchanger Guarantee

It is extremely important to us that a failed heat exchanger is taken seriously and responded to appropriately. That’s why our technicians are trained in heat exchanger expertise beyond state requirements. We assess every system with utmost care to help keep you and your family safe, and we stand by our analysis 100%.

If you have any questions or concerns about the heat exchanger assessment provided by Bonfe, we will return to your home to present our findings alongside any third party HVAC professional of your choice. In the unlikely event the Bonfe findings are incorrect, we will replace your furnace or boiler with a comparable model at no charge to you. We are that confident in our diagnostic capabilities. What Is A Heat Exchanger?

* Hotel cost up to $200 will be credited to your repair invoice the following day.

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