Heat Pumps: A Sustainable Alternative for Year-Round Comfort

What is a heat pump?

Think of a heat pump as a smart air conditioner that also heats your home, all in one efficient system. In the summer, it acts like a regular A/C, pulling heat out of your home to keep you cool. But come winter, it flips the script, extracting heat from the outdoor air (even when it’s chilly!) and bringing it inside to warm your space. 

How does a heat pump work?

Operating on a refrigeration cycle, a heat pump effectively moves heat from one location to another, serving as both a heater and an air conditioner. In colder months, it draws warmth from the outdoor air and channels it indoors for heating. In warmer weather, it extracts heat from indoor spaces and disperses it outside to cool the interior. This dynamic process not only maintains comfortable home temperatures but also contributes to energy savings and environmental sustainability, making heat pumps a popular choice among homeowners seeking to reduce both their carbon footprint and energy bills. See how it works in the video below.

Do heat pumps work in Minnesota?

Yes, heat pumps are a viable option for heating and cooling in Minnesota homes. Even during harsh winters, cold climate heat pumps efficiently extract heat from the outdoor air to warm your home. However, when the outdoor temperature drops to approximately 15 degrees or lower, there may not be sufficient heat in the air to sustain the pump’s operation, at which point the furnace automatically activates to provide supplemental heating. This seamless transition ensures continuous comfort for homeowners, making heat pumps a versatile and reliable choice for year-round climate control in Minnesota. 

Do heat pumps qualify for tax credits?

Yes! There are federal tax credits and utility rebates available for upgrading to energy-efficient equipment. Depending on the equipment you choose, you may be eligible for substantial savings (not to mention reduced energy bills!). Learn more here. 

Bonfe Select Total System Package

At Bonfe, we understand the need for a reliable, efficient HVAC system that can handle Minnesota’s scorching summers and frigid winters. We also understand that navigating the world of HVAC systems can feel daunting for many homeowners, especially with new technology and changing regulations.

That’s why we’ve put together a package of our most recommended system that qualifies for the highest available tax credits and rebates. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

Our Bonfe Select Total System Package consistently ranks as our most recommended because it offers:

  • Unbeatable Efficiency & Savings: This package includes our highest efficiency equipment, translating to significant reductions in your monthly energy bills. Plus, it qualifies for the highest available rebates and tax credits (up to $5,000 back!)
  • Future-Proof Investment: New regulations affecting refrigerants come into effect in 2025, which will increase equipment costs. By upgrading your system this year, you can secure this top-recommended system at its current price before the increase takes effect.
  • Unparalleled Comfort: Thanks to a modulating fan, experience whisper-quiet operation with consistent temperature control. This package includes a heat pump and a modulating 97% efficiency furnace, ensuring efficient cooling in summer and reliable heating in winter.
  • Smart Home Integration: A smart thermostat is included, allowing you to manage your comfort remotely and further optimize energy usage.
  • Long-Term Peace of Mind: This system is backed by our industry-leading Lifetime Warranty. This means that for as long as you live in your home, any necessary repair work on the system will be done free of charge.
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