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Bonfe Insider: June 2021

If you didn’t know that ceiling fans are supposed to rotate a certain direction based on the season, read on.  Many ceiling fans have small switches near the base. If you’ve never noticed or thought about that switch, you’re not alone. That switch controls the direction of your fan blades. Which way should my fan

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Bonfe Insider: May 2021

Your A/C needs some TLC. Summer is almost here. And you definitely deserve some comfort. This newsletter is packed with quick tips and tricks to help make sure this is your coolest summer ever. Tip #1: Hose it down You wouldn’t run in a sweater when it’s 95 degrees outside, would you?  But that’s exactly

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Girl Blowing Nose
Bonfe Insider: April 2021

What factors influence indoor air quality? Home should feel like a safe haven. The CDC now recommends increasing air filtration “to as high as possible without significantly reducing design airflow.” This is especially important because high-quality indoor air filters have been shown to help limit the spread of the virus that causes illnesses like COVID-19.

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Bonfe Insider Shower Head
Bonfe Insider: March 2021

Water pressure woes? No power in your shower?  Here’s a decision tree to help you figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. (These questions assume you’re on a city water system.) Question 1: Is it the whole house? Water pressure problems with a single faucet or shower head indicate a problem with that

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FebBonfeInsider (1)
Bonfe Insider: February 2021

Drain pain? Is it more than just a drain clog? Clogged drain in the sink or toilet? Water backing up in the basement or laundry room floor drain? If you have chronically slow drains, you might have a bigger problem than just a drain clog. It could be a problem with your main sewer line.

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Bonfe Insider Thermostat
Bonfe Insider: January 2021

You may be tough enough to stick it out in Minnesota for the winter, but can your heating system? Every year, furnaces and boilers break down without warning – usually during an extended cold spell. In addition to being a major wrench in your day, a heating system failure can lead to serious and costly

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Bonfe Insider: December 2020

Change your lights, change your mood: The best lighting options for a happier winter Here’s a bright idea: Looking for a mood booster this winter – or all year-round? The answer may be as simple as switching up your lighting. A significant amount of research has drawn strong correlations between lighting and mood. A study

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Bonfe Insider Family Reading Book
Bonfe Insider: November 2020

How to keep your home warm and cozy Winter in Minnesota is no joke. Since you can’t anticipate what this season will throw at you, the best thing you can do is be prepared. We’ve got you covered. Here are four important ways to keep your home warm and comfortable this winter. Schedule a heating

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Bonfe Insider: October 2020

Winter is coming… is your home’s heating system ready?  Welcome to Residential Heating Systems 101. We’ve kept things super simple and we bet you’ll pass with flying colors.  Lesson 1: How often should I change my furnace filter? The single most important (and easiest) thing to help keep your forced air heating system running longer

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Bonfe Insider
Bonfe Insider: September 2020

Is the air inside your home as clean as it should be?  COVID-19 is still a mystery in many ways, but there’s one thing we do know: It’s more easily transmitted indoors. That’s the case for all kinds of viruses, bacteria, and germs. This year, many of us have hunkered down at home in order to stay

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