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Bonfe Insider August 2020
Bonfe Insider: August 2020

Clogged sink drain? Or is it a much bigger issue…?   Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about our drains – especially when they’re working. But when a drain starts to slow down or stops working altogether, it suddenly becomes the focus of all our attention.  Sometimes a slow or backed-up drain is

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Bonfe Insider: July 2020

It’s storm season in Minnesota: How to prepare for power outages Surge protection What’s an electrical surge? When there’s a sudden burst of electricity, this burst can run through the wires and outlets within your home and onto the devices that are plugged into the outlets.  Laptops, cell phones, refrigerators, stereo systems, appliances — even

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A/C Tune-Up Bonfe Insider
Bonfe Insider: June 2020

Keep your cool: Why an A/C tune-up can save you  money – and why we Northerners used to sell ice to Florida (yes, really!) If there’s anything predictable about Minnesota weather, it’s that it’s unpredictable. Some years we’ve got our air conditioning running in April, and in other years April means being buried under blizzards.

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