Bonfe Insider: July 2023

Sewer Liners: A Wise Investment for Your Home and Your Wallet

When it comes to investment opportunities, sewer liners might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Drainage and sewer systems are a vital part of our home’s infrastructure, but since they’re out of sight, they’re also typically out of mind… until something goes wrong.

Sometimes a clog is just a clog, but sometimes the issue lies in the main sewer line itself. The main line is the pipe that runs underground from your house to where it connects to the city sewer system. The main line is the responsibility of the homeowner. If there is an issue with your main sewer line, proactively installing a sewer liner offers a permanent solution to what could otherwise be a very inconvenient, costly, and messy problem.

What’s a Sewer Liner?

Sewer liners are a non-intrusive repair option that involves placing a flexible liner into the existing sewer pipe, inflating it, and then using UV light to dry and harden the liner inside the pipe. Essentially, the liner creates a seamless bond within the original pipe, restoring it to a nearly new state. If your main sewer line is in good enough condition– meaning it doesn’t have major breaks, offsetting, or hasn’t fully collapsed– a new lining is a permanent, cost-effective solution, and it can be done without digging up your yard!

Is a Liner the Right Option for You?

A properly operating main sewer line should not back up. Any of the following symptoms may be a sign that your main sewer line is experiencing issues:

Graphic of signs a drain needs service

The only way to know for sure what’s going on inside of your sewer pipes is to have a camera inspection done. A qualified professional can help detect what’s causing your problem. Some common issues are:

Graphic of how main lines can deteriorate over time

It’s important to remember that a sewer liner can only be installed when your original main line is still in good enough condition, so it’s important to get it done proactively, before there are major issues.

Low-Rate Financing for Minnesota Homeowners

Bonfe offers affordable financing options for liner installation. In addition, sewer liner installation is eligible for new low-interest home improvement financing through the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) and Minnesota Housing. CEE financing offers both statewide and city-specific options.

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$800 of main sewer liner installation
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