Bonfe Insider: January 2024

Minnesota Home Tax Credit

Go Green and Save Green: Energy Efficiency Tax Credits and Rebates for Minnesota Homes

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) presents a unique opportunity for Minnesota homeowners to invest in home improvements with significant financial and environmental benefits. This new legislation offers generous tax credits and rebates aimed at boosting energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprints.

What does this mean for you?

  • Financial Rewards: Receive up to $3,200 in federal tax credits each year until 2033 for eligible home upgrades. Enhance your comfort while benefiting from tax advantages.
  • Increased Sustainability: Modernize your home with energy-efficient systems, contributing to a cleaner environment and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Improved Home Value: Modernized homes with efficient systems often command higher market value, offering long-term benefits when it comes time to sell.

Explore the Potential:

  • HVAC Enhancements: Upgrade your furnace, boiler, or air conditioner and earn up to $600 in tax credits while enjoying year-round comfort and lower energy bills.
  • Embrace Heat Pumps: Invest in these versatile systems that provide both heating and cooling with high efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Secure up to $2,000 in tax credits and experience sustainable comfort.
  • Optimize Water Heating: Enjoy consistent hot water while using less energy! Choose an energy-efficient traditional or tankless water heater for up to $600 in tax credits, or upgrade to a heat pump water heater for up to $2,000 in tax credits.
  • Electrical System Safety: Ensure reliable power and future-proof your home with electrical panel upgrades, receiving up to $600 in tax credits for this energy-efficient investment.
  • Join the EV Revolution: Install an electric vehicle (EV) charger at your home and receive up to $1,000 in federal tax credit as you make the switch to cleaner transportation.

Our Expertise at Your Service:

Our team of professionals is here to guide you through maximizing your benefit potential.

  • Free Heating & Cooling Consultations: We’ll assess your HVAC needs and recommend the most suitable upgrades for your home, considering both efficiency and your budget.
  • Expert Guidance: We’ll help you understand the available tax credits and rebates, and provide you with information on how to file.
  • Seamless Implementation: We’ll take care of everything, from equipment selection to professional installation, allowing you to enjoy the results with ease.


We’ve put together a helpful guide on available IRA tax credits and utility rebates here.


Call us at (651) 332-6633 or visit to schedule a consultation with one of our experts today!


January offers:

Bonfe Donation Twin Cities

Bonfe’s 2023 Keep Our Neighbors Warm winter wear drive collected more than 1,500 items for those in need throughout the Twin Cities! Thanks to the generous donations of Bonfe customers, hundreds of children and their families received coats, boots, snow pants, and winter accessories to keep them warm this winter. Thank you to all of our customers and staff who helped make a difference for those in need in our community!

Bonfe Member Winner

Congratulations to Rebecca from Minneapolis, last month’s Members Only Giveaway winner of a free smart thermostat!

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