Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner For The Summer

Like Rocky Balboa prepared for the ultimate fight of his life; each summer, the air conditioner does the same. When the hot weather shines, we kick our air conditioners into top gear, as everyone wants to escape the hot weather.

Before you turn on the air conditioner this summer, you need to prepare it to face its ultimate battle with the heat. Follow these tips to prepare your air conditioner to knock out summer.

1.     Replace the Filters

You will find the filters of the air conditioner at the blower unit. Every month, you need to routinely replace the filters with new ones. If you neglect to replace them, the filters will become clogged with dust and debris, resulting in a poorly working air conditioner. It could even damage your air conditioner, putting it out of business.

2.     Examine the Condensate Removal System

The air conditioner condenses the warm air that passes through its cooling oil, depositing it into the pan situated under your blower unit or into a gravity fed drain. If your air conditioner is located in the basement, the pan might have a pump to move the moisture into a drain.

If it is in the attic, the moisture might go into the pan and evaporate. If you have a pump to transfer the moisture, test it to ensure that it works properly. Test it by moving the float up and down, and if you do not have a pan or a pump, examine it to see if a kill switch is present.

3.     Clean the Debris

In order to provide the household with nice cool air, a clear space of about two feet around the air conditioner unit needs to exist. Clear the area of woodpiles, shrubs, and low branches hanging down from the tree. You can clean the debris of the unit by hosing it down with water.

4.     Examine the Ductwork

The ductworks in your house will not work optimally if furniture or rugs are blocking their airflow. Next, pop the ductworks open to see if nothing is blocking the airflow from inside. Lastly, you need to check the ductwork is located in the attic or basement.

The seams and the connections need to be completely sealed off, with zero presence of holes and corrosion. If holes exist, seal them using silver aluminum foil tape. If the air conditioner is located in the attic, you need to pay attention to the insulation of the duct that supplies the cool air.

Follow these tips to prepare your air conditioner for the summer, and also make a note to get your air conditioner serviced before you start using it. Your air conditioner, if it could talk, would thank you for keeping it in fighting shape.

You can call the expert technicians at Bonfe to service your air conditioner and get it ready for the summer.

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