Bonfe + LeakSmart – Home Leak and Flood Protection Solved

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At Bonfe, our business is designed around making the lives of our customers easier, more enjoyable and stress-free. This is why we have partnered with LeakSmart to offer you the best possible technology to prevent leaks in your home. We are constantly trying to improve the services we offer you and the products we have available.

Did you know? According to LeakSmart’s research, water leaks are 3.5 times more likely to occur than theft.

As a homeowner, there are sources of potential leaks all throughout your home. Whether it’s your toilet, washing machine, heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems, a leak is possible. However, LeakSmart systems are able to sense a leak in 5 seconds or less.


How LeakSmart Works:

It’s very simple! You place wireless, waterproof LeakSmart Sensors around appliances, water heaters, bathrooms, and HVAC units. At the first sign of unwanted water, the LeakSmart Sensor sounds an alarm, sending a text alert and prompting the LeakSmart Valve to shut off your water main supply. The LeakSmart Valve shuts off your water in 5 seconds or less which prevents any further damage in the event of a leak.


Benefits of LeakSmart:

  • Peace of mind: LeakSmart provides you with peace of mind for the times you leave your home for vacation or if you head south for the cold winters. With LeakSmart, you won’t have to worry about your home while you’re away at all!
  • Works with home automation systems: For example, LeakSmart leverages your Nest thermostat in many ways like alerting you to turn off your HVAC unit if a leak is detected nearby or by reminding you to turn off your main water if you are away for more than 48 hours.
  • Emergency contacts: You can add an emergency contact to your LeakSmart system. This means you can add Bonfe to come to the rescue if you’re out of town!
  • Supported by many insurance companies: Many insurance companies oftentimes reward customers who take steps to protect their homes. Protect yours with LeakSmart!


Bonfe and LeakSmart want to protect you and your home from devasting water damage. Using LeakSmart in your home will detect a leak and shut off your water main in less than 5 seconds! Plus, you can call us at Bonfe if you ever need any additional help or have any questions.

Contact us today to find out more about our new partnership with the innovative LeakSmart company!

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