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Did you know? There is a major labor shortage in the United States right now and this includes the HVAC industry. Are you wondering why this is not only happening but also why it’s happening right now? Let us tell you!


Labor Shortage:

Let’s go back in time. Historically, for people growing up in the earlier days (50s through the 80s), it was common for one or multiple relatives to work in the trades. So, it felt natural when the children growing up also chose a similar career path. Many of these Baby Boomers are soon retiring which is part of the cause of the shortage itself.

Plus, today, many people growing up are taking their own career path instead of following their family’s past. There are not only many more opportunities out there today, there are also plenty of new and fresh jobs out there that are outside the labor industry. The internet and all it provides us with also makes it a bit easier to find different jobs around their city than it was in previous years.

Although the labor shortage may seem a little scary right now, we want to remind you of what’s being done to end it. According to the 2018 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook Survey, conducted by Sage and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), 75 percent of surveyed firms are planning to hire more workers in 2018. Safe to say, Bonfe is one of those firms.


Why You Should Work for Bonfe:

Did you know Bonfe warranties installs 100% for the lifetime of a house, parts and labor. We can get away with this because we only hire the best. For us, the best means two things. First, we hire professionals that get the job done right the first time, no corner cutting. Second, we’re a team that pulls together to help each other grow personally and professionally.

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So, even in this labor shortage, we’re not just hiring anyone. We are looking to hire people that are good at what they do and people that care about the customer. Plus, the statistics are on your side! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“Mechanics and installer jobs are expected to grow 15 percent from 2016 to 2026 in the HVAC industry.”

We are celebrating our 25th year in business – and we’re proud to tell you that we’ve been awarded Star Tribune’s 2018 Top Work Places for the 3rd year in a row! We stand by our beliefs that everyone should enjoy what they do and add to the culture of the business. A top work place is built on great team members and teamwork.


Apply today:

At Bonfe, we only ask the best to come aboard, and we’d like to start a conversation with you. If you’d like to join an established and growing family business that looks out for its own, we invite you to talk with our recruiter, Alex. You can email him at: [email protected] or call him at 651-227-3377. Every conversation is confidential.

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