6 Ways to Improve Home Maintenance With Alexa

Sure, Alexa is a fun toy to have around the house – we can all agree that it’s pretty awesome to be able to set a timer or turn on some music with nothing more than a voice command – but can you actually improve home maintenance with Alexa?

Yes! There are many ways you can use Alexa to take better care of your house. These are a few ideas we’ve come up with for creative ways to make Alexa your trusty home maintenance partner.

Ideas for Improving Home Maintenance With Alexa

  1. Got your hands deep in the toilet bowl fighting with a nasty clog? If you download HomeAdvisor’s Home Services Skill for Alexa, just say, “Alexa, find me a plumber” and help will soon be on its way.
  2. Integrate Alexa with your Nest thermostat to help you save money by improving energy efficiency in your home.
  3. When nothing is actively going wrong, it’s easy to forget to schedule a seasonal tune-up, but these inspections are important for the maintenance, efficiency, and longevity of home systems. Ask Alexa to set reminders for you to schedule seasonal tune-ups with your home service provider.
  4. Use Alexa to schedule service appointments and tune-ups. Scheduling is easy when you can be looking at the calendar on the fridge while placing the call without having to juggle a phone.
  5. Doing a simple DIY repair, like fixing a leaky faucet? Ask Alexa to walk you through the process so you can keep your hands free and your eyes focused on the task at hand.
  6. Program your other smart home devices by talking to Alexa. With the proper integrated devices, you can use Alexa to set schedules for your lighting before vacation, adjust your security settings, and so much more that will make your home run like clockwork.

If you’re primarily using Alexa to play music and ask questions that used to go straight to Google, you’re not using her to her full potential. Explore these suggestions and any ideas of your own to find new ways to improve home maintenance with Alexa and take better care of your house!

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