Underfloor Heating Systems

No one dreams about getting out of bed on a fine winter night only to step out of your comfortable warm zone right onto the chilly floors! It is not just an unpleasant sensation; it brings you out of your dreams as well, putting you in face with the cold reality. Especially during the winter season, this turns out to be an all-the-time affair. So is there something you can do to counter this problem?

Well, under floor heating systems can address this problem effectively. The systems are built and installed in a way that allows you to heat your floors slightly. The material of your floors do not matter; the under floor heating systems work for all floorings in the same manner. They are an absolute must-have for you, especially if cold floors do not constitute your definition of a happy lifestyle.

Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

There are two frequently used under floor heating systems you can choose from. Both options have their own advantages and downsides. Here’s a little insight about each to help you make the right decision for your home.

  • Water-based underfloor heating systems: This involves the strategic placement of underground water pipes designed to carry hot water. This system creates a form of mesh of pipelines right underneath your floors. The heat from the water travels all the way to the surface, enabling you to reduce the shocking and unpleasant sensations of cold floors. However, as the system involves the use of pipelines, the risk of leakages and plumbing faults is high. In a way, if the system is not installed properly, you might end up damaging your property instead of making it more comfortable to walk on!


  • Electricity-based underfloor heating systems: This involves a well-knitted mesh of electric cable mats placed right below the surface to be warmed. The system consumes electricity to produce heat, which in turn travels to your floor in order to make it warmer. There are fewer plumbing risks attached with this system. Also, with the deployment of the right insulation techniques, you can reduce your electricity bills by conserving the heat energy. It is one of the more recent types of under floor heating systems that have gained massive popularity over the last few years.

Irrespective of the type of under floor heating system that you use, you can turn your house into a welcoming abode. These systems set the temperature of your floorings to the right level, making it more comfortable for you to walk around the house. It also helps in heating the rooms, setting up brief convection currents that warm the air.

The underfloor heating systems prove to be a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to conventional heating systems. They are essentially non-polluting as they do not involve burning natural fuels. With the right insulation mechanisms in place, you can improve the efficiency of these systems, enabling you to save bills while enjoying warmer temperatures inside your house!

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