Electrical Maintenance and Repairs – What You Can and Cannot Do?

6 thoughts on “Electrical Maintenance and Repairs – What You Can and Cannot Do?

I have a friend that will try to repair everything himself, and won’t call anyone. I had no idea that you should never work on live wires. Electrical systems have always been something that I have been too worried to work on. I will have to make sure that I call someone the next time I have problems.

In your article, you stated that people should never work on live wires and if there’s a job which requires you to work with live wires, or if the task requires the electricity source to be plugged in during the repair or maintenance regime, it is best to hire professional help for this. My wife called me at work this morning because our daughter found some loose wires that she was messing with. I wonder what types of tools most electricians would use to fix those wires.

I definitely agree! I would never let anyone in our house to work on those wires due to risks which can be lethal at times. I wouldn’t mind spending a little on fees as long as the work is completed without any hassle. It is better to leave the work to the professionals.

I like how you expressed the importance of not working on live wires. My husband tried fixing an outlet and shocked himself. Professional electricians will be used for any electrical maintenance on our home from now on. Thanks for the advice!

I appreciate your candid remarks about what one can and can’t do when it comes to household electrical repairs. I agree that, for safety reasons and purposes, most electrical repairs must be done by professionals and leave the changing of light bulbs to yourself. This would be for the better to make sure that you don’t cause any fire, or worse, get injured in your efforts to do the repairs yourself.

In the home that my fiance and I just moved into has a few problems that should be addressed with some electrical maintenance. My fiance thinks that he is capable of doing the maintenance with little problems. After reading this article especially the advice to not work with live wires, I will suggest we get a service instead.

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