Easy DIY Tips for Maintaining Air Conditioning Units

Sooner than you may think, the hot days of summer will be here.  These days, it is virtually impossible to live without the air conditioning systems. They are literally everywhere you go – in your office, your academic institutions, the malls, the cars, restaurants etc. Particularly during the sweltering summer months, the air conditioning units do not only symbolize peace and comfort, they are the only thing which makes it possible to go through the days and nights.

However, since the air conditioner is a machine, it inevitably requires maintenance and repair efforts to keep working in the presence of environmental challenges. The good part is this; it doesn’t require a lot of professional care.

There are quite a few things you can do on your own to keep your air conditioning units in mint condition. Read through the following recommendations carefully and prolong the useful life of your machines wisely!

Periodic Cleaning

Over time, the air filters and coils inside your air conditioning unit tends to get logged with dust and microorganisms – irrespective of usage frequency. This, consequently, impacts your unit’s performance. It is therefore a good idea to clean them periodically, preferably before the summer heat sets in. This does not only ensure your device cools well, it also minimizes damage to your device and prolongs its useful life!

On this note, however, it is considered as a good idea to employ professional help to clean the units. This is because when and if you use a brush to clean the units, you end up loosening the bacteria and fungi that may be settled on it. This, in turn, creates a health hazard for you. Using professional help will ensure the procedure is carried out in an appropriate manner without augmenting health risks!

Patching up Leaks

If your unit begins to leak, it is most certainly because there is a blockage in the drainage pipe. Address this issue in time so that it doesn’t mess with your device’s electrical circuits. A replacement will not be necessary as long as you can get rid of the blockage.

Tackling the Heat

If your air-conditioning unit is not cooling to the right temperature, it does not always point towards a mechanical issue. There are three things you need to see before you call in the contractor.

Check the thermostat and set the operations mode to your desired option. Besides this, you will need to set the temperature as well. Also, clear any barriers that may be obstructing the cooling unit. If the condensing unit isn’t able to function well, it will diminish the performance of your unit significantly.

On a Friendly Note

You don’t really have to do all that yourself if you have the right contractor by your side. It is not really about DIY; it is more about prolonging the life of your air-conditioning units. So if you are really busy or if you can simply not put yourself to these tasks, it’ll be a good idea to outsource it to the right people!

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7 thoughts on “Easy DIY Tips for Maintaining Air Conditioning Units

  1. Thanks for sharing this advice on maintaining your HVAC unit! I had no idea that cleaning the dust and bacteria from the condenser coils could actually be a health hazard for you and your family. It sounds like I should leave the cleaning to a professional so that my house doesn’t have contaminated air in it. Like you said, maintenance isn’t about doing it yourself, it’s about keeping your system in good condition!

  2. One of the things that I am terrible at is periodic cleaning. and the filters have gotten pretty gross. I would hate for them to get worse, so I will be doing some do-it-myself cleaning. Like you said, if there is “the right contractor” available, use him as well; I will use these tips and find the right contractor too.

  3. The air conditioning unit in your home gets used a lot. We may not know it but during the summer, it is running almost 24/7. This can put a lot of stress on the unit to where it could break. It would be a good idea to make sure you perform routine maintenance on your air conditioning unit. Just like a car, it has to be maintained to work properly. I would suggest that you seek out the help of a professional when it comes to this. I’d say that not many people know how to fix an air conditioning unit.

  4. Ugh, I can’t say how important it is to do a periodic cleaning… Whether it’s professional or personally done, it’s SO IMPORTANT. If your house has been smelling funky, or mold keeps appearing in weird places, it’s time to check the AC unit.

  5. These are some great suggestions for making sure that your AC is in good condition. My air conditioning hasn’t been working as well as I would like, so it would be really nice to get it cleaned soon, and then do any necessary repairs. If there are any leaks, I should really get those patched up so that it doesn’t continue to damage the unit any further. Thanks for the great post!

  6. I really agree with your tip about cleaning your filters periodically. When it comes to air conditioning, a lot of people don’t really think about taking a look at their system until the whole thing isn’t working the way that they want it to. If your system isn’t working efficiently, it can cause you to suffer from too much heat or too high of a bill every month.

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