What You Need To Know About Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are the ideal way to maintain a cool temperature inside your dwelling. They are a good alternative to window or central air conditioners. Portable A/Cs, as the name suggests, are a type of air conditioner which can be moved about from one place to another.

Portable air conditioners have become a major hit due to having energy efficiency, flexibility, and convenience. They are especially useful for large workplaces and warehouse owners. The portable units can provide services to employees wherever they are seated.

Benefits Of Portable Air Conditioning Units

The very fact that it provides high efficiency together with portability speaks volumes about the advantages of these units. Here is a list of major benefits of the units:

Attractive Designs

Portable Air Conditioners come in a lot of designs and hues. They are sold with attractive features which sit well with your room’s interior. They have a compact footprint, and a small size which does not occupy too much interior space.

Reasonably Priced

The portable units come at lesser prices than the window Air Conditioning units. The great part is that there is no trade-off for the low cost when it comes to efficiency.


The portable units come with easy to operate remote controls. Some have LED screen and electronic control panel installed on them which provide an auto shut-off function.

Easily Movable

As the name suggests, the unit can be shifted from one location to another with ease. They have handles and casters, which permit you to move the Portable Air Conditioners around, so that you can get cool air wherever you desire.

All you need to do is roll the unit to the room where you need the cool air. The unit is relatively lightweight.

Easy Installation

The units can be installed easily compared to their larger window counterparts. Some types of portable air conditioning units work on auto drain technology. This technology eliminates excess fluid accumulation and does away with the need to drain the unit. This allows you to use the unit for a considerably longer period.

Energy Efficiency

Central air conditioning provides cooling the entire house, which can sometimes lead to the wastage of energy. In contrast, portable units provide cooling in specific parts of the house only. This helps you save the energy, and consequently lower down monthly electricity bills. The unit provides you with lower operational costs and saves you a great deal of money.

Healing Function

Apart from cooling the air, Portable Air Conditioners also dehumidify it. This is significantly beneficial for those with allergies. Allergy sufferers require low indoor levels of humidity for the prevention of the growth of allergens like mold or dust mite. These units have durable and washable filters which provide added health benefits by filtering the air.

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