Common Air Condition Problems Every A/C Owner Faces

Many times, people make hefty investment in an air conditioning unit, but are presented with various issues which develop with their A/C units over time. To ensure your investment doesn’t go to waste, it is imperative to keep your air conditioning unit in good health.

So what are the common issues which reduce the efficiency of even the most superior quality A/C units?

A/Cs Don’t Like Summers Either

Your air conditioner will not function the same way as it does in cold weather. This is simply because it requires more power to provide the same level of cool air in hot weather.

Other issues which can make your A/C unit less efficient can be related to internal system issues. Here’s a list of the most common issues:

Inside Coil Malfunction

The interior coil may become frozen due to unclean air filters. The air filters cause restrictions which make the coil work less efficiently. In addition to that, a blocked return air ductwork can also present issues with the proper working of the coil.

Wiring issues

Serious issues can arise if the A/C unit has faulty wiring. You should always go for a certified and proper wiring system. Incorrect wiring can cause fire hazards. In addition to that, it can cause voltage fluctuations and power shortages.

Faulty wiring also restricts a steady and uninterrupted power supply to the unit. It can also cause the tripping of the circuit breaker.

Refrigerant issues

The refrigerant is the chemical which provides cool air such as Freon, R-22, or 410A. Your A/C unit may have a low level of refrigerant, which reduces the amount of cooling it can provide.
Either the unit came with a low level of refrigerant or there may be a possibility of your unit having leakages. Leakages cause seepages, which reduces the ability of the system to provide the required level of cooling.

The solution is not to simply add more chemicals, but fix the leakages at the source. The leakage isn’t only hazardous for the environment, but your health too.

The Exterior Fan May Have Issues

The function of the exterior fan is to transfer warm air from your room to the outside atmosphere. In case your fan develops issues, it can cause the conditioning compressor to overheat which can even lead to damage.

Improper Drainage System

Air conditioning systems require a proper drainage system. The drainage system does away with a liquid called condensate, which is produced by the unit during dehumidifying.

The drainage system drains off the substance away from the house. In case the system does not work properly, the condensate drain gets blocked and starts accumulating in your home. A faulty drainage system needs immediate fixing and the condensate should be removed right away too.

If not resolved immediately, even minute issues can lead to significant reduction in the overall efficiency of the A/C unit. More detailed information about A/C issues and remedies here.

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