The Common Plumbing Emergencies You Need To Be Aware About

While clogged sink and blocked drains are issues which periodically pop up in every household, they can turn into serious problems at times. This can be due to various reasons. Many people don’t follow simple tips to avoid plumbing issues in their house. They carelessly drain trash and oily waste in their sinks, which causes them to be blocked.

In addition to that, it is important to get expert plumbing services periodically as a preventive measure to keep your home from having major plumbing issues.

To ensure your kitchen, toilet and other places in your home don’t face any plumbing issues; you need to be aware of preventive measures to keep a check on plumbing fixtures, clogging problems in drains and pipes. Additionally, it helps you detect problems early-on and get them fixed before they become too serious.

We discuss some common plumbing issues which can be encountered by anyone, and some tips how to contain them.

Ruptured Pipes

Ruptured pipes are one of the most common issues many households encounter. To avoid the issues from escalating, you first need to take steps to stop water from flowing out of the holes in the pipe. Now the question is how to do it?

Start by finding where the main shutoff valve to your house is located, and shut it down. This results in shutting down the water supply to the fixtures. After that, you need to turn on cold water taps to empty the pipes from the trapped hot water or steam.

Frozen Pipes: A Huge Issue

Frozen pipes can present huge issues in winters. Low temperatures cause water to expand, which can even result in pipes bursting due to increased pressure.

What to do in such a situation? Start off by shutting the main shutoff valve down. You need to find if the pipe has split yet. If it has not, try thawing it with hot water cans or bottles from the end of the pipe, nearest to the tap. You need to ensure, however, that thawing is gentle. Don’t expose the pipes to a naked flame. This can result in splitting too, due to thermal water expansion.

To prevent the issue of frozen pipes, make sure to insulate the pipes in your house properly in winters.

Leaky Fixtures

Leakage in plumbing fixtures can present serious issues too. To take care of these issues, you need to first shut down the shutoff valve singular to the leaky fixture. Then move on to rid the fixture’s trap of any trash, soap, and large food particles which may cause blockage in its opening and result in spilling over of the fixture.

Clogged Drains & Toilets

Clogged toilets and drains are a nightmare of any homeowner. If you have a plunger at your house, try clearing the obstruction with its help.

 Gas leaks

The most serious of all issues, gas leakages can be fatal. If you smell gas in your house, evacuate the house as soon as possible. Gas leakages should not be fixed by anyone other than a plumber.

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