Bonfe Insider: March 2023

The first toilet

Your Outdated Toilets Are Ready To Retire

Ever wonder why a toilet is sometimes called a “john?” One theory is because the first flush toilet was invented in 1596 by Sir John Harington, an English courtier and godson of Queen Elizabeth I. Sir “John” designed a water-filled cistern to flush waste through a pipe into a cesspool. Today, modern trends in toilet design focus on increased efficiency, flushing power, sustainability, and comfort. “Clean flush” toilets help reduce the time you have to spend manually cleaning out the loo, and high height toilets can feel easier on the knees. Read on for more details… and take advantage of our March toilet special.

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How To Select the Right Toilet

FIT. Importantly, the new toilet needs to fit in the bathroom! The “rough in” is the distance from the back wall to the center of the toilet floor drain. The bolts on either side of the toilet base are typically where the drain hole is located –so you can measure from the finished wall to the bolt to get the rough in length. The most common rough in is 12 inches.

PERFORMANCE. Performance and function of the toilet is critical. There is a rating system called MaP score (Maximum Performance). MaP measures in grams the amount of material a toilet can easily flush. The maximum score is 1000 grams. The minimum score for a toilet to be effective is 350 grams. Bonfe toilets have a MaP score of 1,000. In addition, many newer toilets are designed to “self-clean” using large jets under the rim that thoroughly clean the bowl with each flush.

HEIGHT. In the 1940’s the standard toilet height without the seat was 14 to 15”. That is still true today for “standard” toilets. However, more homeowners are moving to taller toilets, averaging 17” from the floor to the top of the rim. While this higher height was originally designed for ADA needs, homeowners have found the higher heights to be more comfortable to use.

WATER USE. For homeowners concerned about reducing water use, toilets are available with gallons per flush as low as 0.8. The maximum allowable is 1.6 gallons per flush.

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