Bonfe Insider: February 2023

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Is Your Lighting Ready for An Overhaul?

Recessed Can Lights with LED bulbs could be the answer

Gloomy winter weather has a lot of us hunkering down … and realizing our home might benefit from some updates.

Many people don’t realize that low profile, recessed can lights can be installed in most ceilings. Recessed can lights can immediately and affordably change the look and feel of a bathroom, kitchen, T.V. room, or rec room in the basement. The recessed can lights use LED bulbs –which can be set for “warm” tones or “cool” tonesto create the ambiance you’re looking for in each space. And, LED bulbs last an average of 25times longer than traditional light bulbs while also consuming 75%less energy.*

Last year, Patricia remodeled the basement of her 1958 walkout rambler. On the main level, the kitchen had track lighting from the 1990’s and the hallway ceiling lights were outdated pendants.

Patricia worked with carpenters for the basement gutting and remodel, and she called Bonfe for the electrical work. “The Bonfe electrician walked through the basement with me and told me about recessed can LED lights. I had not even heard of them! He showed me different size lights and suggested the placements in the ceiling.” But the biggest surprise for Patricia was when the electrician explained the recessed can lights could be retrofit in the ceilings on the main level of the house.

“I knew I could easily put new lighting in the basement when it was gutted. But I had no idea recessed can lights could be retrofit into an older home’s ceiling,” said Patricia. “The Bonfe electrician had us walk the house together. He made suggestions about where recessed can lights could go in the ceiling and the spacing of them.” Patricia ended up having recessed can lights installed in the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom on the main level.“The flush can lights really update the whole look and feel of the house,” said Patricia, “I can’t believe the difference they make.”

Bonfe electricians removed the old track lighting in the kitchen and the pendant lights in the hall. They cut small holes into the ceiling plaster to install the can lights. “Plaster does not cut smoothly, and there were marks where the track lighting was, so I had a little repair work to do,” explains Patricia, “But it was well worth it.”

“Honestly, the new recessed can ceiling lights brought the whole remodel and update project to life,” says Patricia. “The LED lights can be set to warm or cool, and I had all of them put on dimmer switches. The basement area is so inviting and well lit now. And the kitchen and hall look totally different with the new lights. “

“I called Bonfe to do the work because I had such a good experience with them when I needed a new furnace,” explained Patricia. “They are a really professional company. I knew I could call Bonfe any time and reach someone. And they put a lifetime warranty on all their work, so even if there is an issue in the future, I know they will be there to take care of it. It’s important to me to work with a company that stands behind the work they do.”

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