Bonfe Insider: December 2022

Water going down a drain

Is it just a little drain clog… or a major sewer line backup?

What you need to know about your sewer lines.

Sometimes a drain clog is just a drain clog. But if your drains regularly back up, it could be a problem with your main sewer line. Either way, Bonfe is ready to help!

We can find the drain problem and fix it, big or small. We repair or replace drain lines inside your home and repair, replace, or re-line the main line that goes from your home to the city sewer connection.

Many homeowners don’t know that a new liner can be inserted into your existing main line. A new liner is a cost-effective way to ensure your main line doesn’t collapse or need to be replaced.

How to know if I have a main line problem?

If the drains in your home regularly back up, lower floor showers don’t drain, toilets gurgle, or your laundry floor drain backs up when you do the wash, it’s time to take a look at what’s going on inside your main line pipe.

The only way to see what’s going on in your main line is to have a video camera inspection done. The video camera is pushed through the main line to provide an up-close view of the condition of the line.

Some typical findings from a camera inspection include: tree root intrusion in the pipe, offsets that will widen over time, bellies with pooling water, cracks, and partial or even full collapse of the main line pipe.

What are my options?

Intensive cleaning is a temporary solution that can get things flowing again by removing tree roots, scale, and sludge that builds up over time. However, over time the roots, scale, and sludge will return. In addition, if your main line pipe is old and already has cracks or thinning, intensive cleaning can cause further damage.

If your main line is in good enough condition, a new liner can be inserted into the existing pipe. Relining provides a permanent solution to your sewer issues, is guaranteed for life, and can be done without digging up your front yard to replace pipe.

What are customers saying?

Levi purchased his home 2 years ago and experienced several sewer backups. While hosting a housewarming party, a guest noticed some water in the basement. “A bunch of us guys started ripping up carpet, and water was just gushing in … we had to cement the pipe shut.” Levi shared.

He had a local company come out to snake their sewer line and get things flowing.

After the initial issue, the sewer problems stayed at bay for a while. “We kind of forgot about it because it worked and thought it was just tree roots. And then it happened again.”

Levi called Bonfe to take a look. As a Bonfe Membership Plan customer, Levi was entitled to a free annual main line camera inspection. After putting the video camera through the main line, the Bonfe drain tech recommended a sewer liner. “The tech who came out to look at it was absolutely phenomenal … he showed us the camera and what we were looking at, all of the cracks and shifts. So we knew ahead of time what to expect.”

The camera inspection revealed that Levi’s sewer line needed a liner installed sooner rather than later, “We couldn’t have done much else because we had cracks, shifts and standing water. It was either the liner or wait for it to collapse and then excavate.”

When it came to choosing who to handle the install, Levi said “Honestly it was the service that we received from Bonfe when we purchased our A/C and furnace …that sold (the liner) for us.”

Now that it is done, Levi and his family can breathe easy knowing they have a lifetime warranty on the liner. And they can finally use every room in their home. “We’re really excited, actually. When we moved in and ripped up that carpet, we haven’t used that room. We just kept the door shut … we don’t like opening that door to see that nightmare that we have down there. Now that it’s done, we’re excited to get that room back.”

Regarding the sewer liner, Levi said “I would recommend it. It’s definitely cheaper and way less labor-intensive than excavating. And your guys did all the right things. They pulled the permits and made sure everything was good before they did it.”

One thing Levi would like other homeowners in St Paul to know is the financial assistance the city provides to residents who require a project like this. Learn more here:

If you think your sewer pipes may be in need of a liner, give Bonfe a call and schedule a camera inspection. And receive $600 off your sewer liner installation when you mention this coupon!

Happy holidays from your friends at Bonfe

We wish all of our customers and their families happy holidays! Bonfe will be closed December 25 & 26 in observance of the Christmas Holiday, but available to Members for emergencies. We resume normal business hours on Tuesday, December 27.

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