Bonfe Insider – June 2019

Bonfe Insider June 2019

June, 2019

Is the temperature of your home or office limiting your productivity?

Did you know there’s a temperature at which you are  most productive?
If your home or office is too cold or too hot, you could be limiting your productivity.

And that’s not all — if the temperature’s off, you’re more likely to make errors and have a negative opinion of the people around you.

Cranky. Error-prone. Unproductive.Too Hot at the Office
Nobody needs that in their life.


If you’re always sweating or freezing in your office (or your home), it could be creating more than just discomfort.

Being in an indoor environment that’s the “wrong” temperature can contribute to a slew of challenges, including reduced productivity,  making errors, and even having a  negative opinion of the people around you.

The magic number

What’s the magic number for focus and productivity? A study from Finland found that 71 degrees Fahrenheit is as good as it gets. That might be a lot warmer than you’re used to if you work in an over-air conditioned office space.

And if you’re at home and you don’t have a working air conditioning system in the summer months, your home temperature is likely to soar far beyond 71 degrees.

Cold Hands

Cold fingers are error-prone

In another study, from Cornell University, when the office temperature went from 66 to 77 degrees, the number of errors made by office typists was reduced by 44%.  At the colder temperatures, the employees in the study were less than half as productive as they were at warmer temperatures.

It’s also worth considering how the temperature in your home might be making it harder for you to tackle your to-do list.

Warm hands, warm hearts

Productivity and accuracy aren’t the only things influenced by indoor air temperature. A study in the journal Science found that when we feel cold, we’re more likely to perceive the people around us as less generous and caring. When we’re warm, on the other hand, we let our guard down

So if you’re feeling extra frigid toward your housemates or the guy in the next cubicle— ask yourself if you’re really just feeling cold.

But not too hot!

While it appears that productivity and accuracy are at their best between 71 degrees and 77 degrees, there’s a definite drop-off if you feel uncomfortably warm. That makes sense—there’s a reason we are inclined to do little more than recline on a lounge chair when we’re on a warm weather vacation. It’s hard to feel motivated when you’re too hot.

If you’re in an office environment and don’t have control over the thermostat, we’re hoping you have a solid enough relationship with your supervisor that you could show them this research in hopes of making a change. In your home environment, make sure you get your furnace and air conditioning systems tuned up regularly so you can control your indoor temperature as wisely as possible. Regular maintenance prevents breakdowns and can save money on inefficient operation.

Wishing you productivity and comfort at just the right temperature


Bonfe can help with all your home comfort needs—installation, service, inspection and maintenance. We’ll help you ensure that you stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and never too humid or dry!

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