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May, 2019

Four Tips to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Get your home sparkling clean for spring without losing a month of Saturdays.

Spring cleaning can be a big task. We’ve compiled a list of four tips to help you get the job done right so you can head outside to enjoy the weather.

CLean Top to Bottom - Bonfe May Insider

TIP #1: Clean Top to Bottom

Clearing those cobwebs out of the chandelier? Awesome. Having all the dust and debris fall down to the floor you just finished scrubbing? Not awesome. The most effective cleaning approach: Start from the highest points in a room and work your way down.

Every home is different, but here’s a general order:

  1. Dust ceiling fans, lights, and crown molding first.
  2. Then address any dusty picture frames or mirrors and scrub scuff marks or stains on the walls. This is also the time to wipe upper cabinets.
  3. Polish flat surfaces like counters, tables, and other furniture.
  4. Move on to lower cabinets and baseboards.
  5. Finally, get to work on the floor.

If you’re planning to take on the whole house at once, you can save yourself time and effort by doing step one on the list in all the rooms of your home, then doing step two in all the rooms, and so on.

TIP #2: Focus On Purging, Not Organizing

Spring cleaning is usually about a deep scrub-down of your house, but nothing helps a house look and feel cleaner than having less stuff lying around.

During spring cleaning, experts recommend going into purging mode. Rather than finding the best possible space to fit all those coffee mugs, ask yourself if you really need all those coffee mugs.

Make it easy. Gather three heavy duty contractor trash bags or boxes—one for garbage, one for items to donate or give away, and one for items that need to be relocated.

If you truly think you have items worthy of selling, you can add a fourth bag—but only if you’re really committed to following through on the sales process (otherwise it just becomes one more pile).

Purge as you go and don’t give yourself the time to overthink anything. First, purge. Then clean. Finally, put things where they belong.

Focus on Purging, Not Organizing - Bonfe May Insider
Focus on Purging, Not Organizing - Bonfe May Insider

TIP #3: Remember the Things You Can’t See

It’s very satisfying to clean areas of your home that you see every day, like a bathroom mirror or a kitchen counter. But don’t forget about the things you can’t see. Four of the most important items to add to your spring cleaning list:

1. Furnace filters

These should be checked monthly and replaced every 1-3 months. Use spring cleaning as a reminder to check and replace your filters—and if it has been a year since your last furnace or air conditioner tune-up, make sure to schedule one. Spring is a great time to get an easy appointment for a tune-up since demand is lower.

2. Dryer Vents

The filter in your clothes dryer only captures some of the lint. Over time, lint can buildup in the long vent tube, causing air flow restriction. In extreme cases, the lint buildup can pose a fire hazard. Cleaning your dryer vent can be a messy job—you’ll probably want to leave this one to a professional.

3. Air Conditioner Condenser

Condenser cleaning is one of the most important tasks to include on your spring cleaning list. A condenser covered in dust, leaves, and cottonwood seeds will
not perform properly and will significantly reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioning equipment. A deep clean from a professional can remove buildup of pollen and grime.

4. Humidifiers & Pads

Remember to turn your humidifier lever to the “OFF” or “Summer” position. Spring is also a good time to change your humidifier pad so that a new, clean one is in place and ready to go in the fall when you start your furnace up again.

TIP #4: Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

It’s all too easy to delay a cleaning project because you need to run to the store for various cleaning supplies. You can do a great job using a lot of supplies you

  • Wipe your baseboards with dryer sheets.
  • Clean your windows and mirrors with newspaper and a DIY solution of 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar plus a splash of rubbing alcohol (don’t do your windows on a sunny day or you’ll end up with streaks!).
  • Make your own all-purpose household cleaner with 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water. Add lemon or essential oils if you want it scented.
Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies - Bonfe May Insider

Get Your A/C Tuned Up for Summer

Tip from the pros:

Your condenser needs to be cleaned and checked every spring. Leaves and cottonwood seeds are the big stuff you can see. Plain water – gently sprayed or run on the condenser coils – is often sufficient to remove them. But over time, less visible grime like fine dust and sticky pollen can accumulate and wreak havoc on your system. Removing these nasties takes more than water to wash them off. Bonfe offers a deep clean of your condenser coils, using biodegradable products that remove the stubborn buildup. A clean condenser helps keep your A/C running longer and more efficiently. Ask us about the deep clean service when you call to schedule your regular annual tune-up.

Spring CLeaning Tips - AC Tune Up
Spring CLeaning Tips - AC Tune Up

Bonfe can help with all your home comfort needs—installation, service, inspection and maintenance. We’ll help you ensure that you stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and never too humid or dry!

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