Ambiance: The Latest Trend in LED Lighting

When LEDs first arrived on the scene, they were large in size and emitted light with a blue or “cold” cast to it. As LED technology advances, the bulbs are getting smaller and the light is getting warmer, opening up all new possibilities for design and function.

LEDs are already cornerstones of both indoor and outdoor lighting setups. For a long time LEDs have served an important purpose in security lighting, but as technology makes them warmer and more hospitable, they’ve grown to play an increasing role in ambiance lighting as well.

Combined with another recent lighting trend—connectivity, which integrates light switches and dimmer switches with other devices such as your smartphone—LED ambiance lights can change the mood of a room with the touch of a button.

The same goes for outdoor lighting. Of course outdoor lighting has many practical purposes such as security, safety, and illuminating evening activities. But more and more, homeowners are opting for ambiance in addition to pure functionality. Patios equipped with LED ambiance lighting (and perhaps a gently bubbling water feature) can be transformed into the setting for an evening of romantic bliss.

If you’re interested in adding ambiance lighting to your home, it can be as simple as installing dimmer switches into your existing electrical setup. Contact a Bonfe electrician to set up a consultation.

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