Meet Vanessa Pearson, Bonfe’s New Home Warranty Administrator

Vanessa has been with Bonfe’s for about 4 and a half years. She started as a Dispatcher in 2011. In 2012, she became a Customer Service Representative and in 2016 she became a Team Lead/Trainer in the Customer Service Department.

In February 2016, Vanessa started her new position as a Home Warranty Administrator. She loves working with realtors who help their clients find homes they will be able to call their own. Vanessa feels lucky to be a part of that!  She feels good about giving new home owners the peace of mind knowing that when they need help, Bonfe will be there to help fix any problem that occurs.

Her favorite part about her position is that she gets to meet amazing people. Vanessa really appreciates the Bonfe community. She and her co-workers are tight-knit and look after each other. They are always giving each other a helping hand.  She feels that Bonfe really cares about their employees, which shows by how everyone treats each other.

She continues to have opportunities to grow professionally as well. Bonfe works with her to understand her career goals and helps make them happen.

When she’s not working, she is hanging out with her two Boston Terrier puppies:  Colbie (1 year old) and Canute the Great (5 months old). She also enjoys running and baking.

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