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Why Your Home Needs a Whole House Surge Protector

The advancement in technological gadgets has prompted most households to invest in surge protectors for their home. Yet, there are still houses that do not see the need to equip their house with a whole house surge protector. What those households do not know is that it only takes one spike or surge in power to damage their costly electronics, rendering them useless.

Your expensive electronics are not the only ones at risk, but your lives are at risk as well. The short bursts of energy can cause the house to burn down. You and your loved ones do not want to become a victim of a power surge. Therefore, do not take a risk, but learn about the importance of protecting your home with a whole house surge protector.

What is a Whole House Surge Protector?

A whole house surge protector is a type of appliance that protects the house’s electrical devices from unusual surges in voltage. It limits the attempts of the voltage provided to an electrical device such as a fridge, TV, handheld devices, and more. It does this by blocking unnecessary voltages by driving them to the ground.

When Does a Whole House Surge Protector Activate?

Electrical sockets throughout the day consistently provide electricity to anything that is plugged into the sockets. At times, the voltage can increase out of nowhere, posing a problem for the devices plugged into the outlets.

Why Does this Occur?

Power outages, malfunctions, and lightning strikes are responsible for the sudden and unexpected surges or spikes in voltage. Do not confuse a spike with a surge, as they are two different things.

A spike is short whereas a surge lasts for a couple of seconds. When surges begin to occur and their frequency begins to grow, then there is a definite problem with the electrical system. Both types of electrical currents can damage your electronics and your house. Therefore, you need to equip your home with a whole house surge protector.

How Does a Whole House Surge Protector Prevent Electrical Damage?

Standard outlets are helpless against spikes and power surges, until you install a whole house surge protector to defend them from the electrical currents. You can purchase whole house surge protectors online or from a trusted electrical service company.  Single-outlet surge protectors (surge strip) will prevent electrical currents from spiking up in single outlets, while whole house surge protectors will protect all the outlets in your home.  In addition, whole house surge protectors will protect HVAC systems, critical home appliances, as well as anything plugged in to electrical outlets, saving you money from having to buy power surge strips.

Only purchase whole house surge protectors from companies that you trust. They will offer you with warranties and a promise to replace your electronics if any damage occurs to them while their surge protector is connected. Protect your house with a whole house surge protector now!

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