4 Reasons to Call a Professional to Repair or Replace a Toilet

You do not have to call the plumbers each time you encounter a plumbing problem, as there are several you can repair yourself, provided you have all the necessary tools at hand. However, there are some plumbing problems you should never undertake yourself, such as repairing or replacing a toilet.

Replacing a Toilet is No Walk in the Park

In order to replace a toilet, all you have to do is measure the distance from the wall to the bolts in the bathroom floor. You are far from done if you think that it replacing a toilet would be that simple. You are not just attempting something you haven’t done before, but you are also risking doing more damage to the toilet. You need experience and skills if you really want to pull this off. If you lack those skills, you are better off at calling a plumber.

Some Repairs Are Best Left to the Pros

You are not casually putting a new toilet in place of an old one in the bathroom, but you have to do it with the utmost care. When you flush it after installation, the water should effortlessly exit the toilet bowl replacing it with new water. Do something wrong and you could be dealing with a leaking toilet.

The Danger of Sneaky Leaks

You cannot immediately identify a leaking toilet, especially if it is situated on the second floor. After few days, you may find water accumulate on the ceiling of the first floor, informing that you did not install the toilet correctly. If the toilet is in use often, it will not take long until you notice the formation of dark stains on the ceiling located directly underneath it. If stains do not form, leaking will go unnoticed which could cause mold to begin to form.

Potential Mold Growth

When the ceiling in between the second floor and space begins to become damp, mold will begin to form. You need to call someone to take care of the mold growth in your immediately, without delay, as it can cause structural damage and pose a severe health risk to everyone in the household.

Mold worsens allergies, causes respiratory problems, amongst other issues.  Therefore, whenever you have problems with your toilet, you do want to take out your tools and buy a new toilet in the hopes to replace it with a new one. Take the risk out of potential damage by calling a professional to install the toilet correctly.

If you want to make all your toilet troubles go away, you know who to call. Call Bonfe and they will send someone your way to install and repair your toilet immediately.

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