Dangers of Doing Electrical Repairs Yourself

Do you remember the 1990’s popular sitcom “Home Improvement”? The TV show popularized DIY home improvements among US homeowners. Many consumers, in an attempt to save money due to difficult economic times, try to do most repairs at home themselves. From do-it-yourself to make-do-and-mend, the practice has seen a huge surge in most homes in the US. There is nothing more rewarding than to stand back and admire a DIY job well done.

However, when it comes to electrical repairs, DIY enthusiasts should think again. Unlike other do-it-yourself projects, doing electrical repairs yourself is extremely dangerous. Every year, hundreds of people are injured or killed in the US due to faulty DIY electrical repairs. Even the smallest mistake in electrical repair jobs could have a devastating effect on not only your property but your life as well.

The next time when you roll up your sleeves to do electrical repairs yourself, consider the following facts about DIY electrical repair. You will know why doing electrical repairs yourself is an extremely dangerous job that should be better left to an expert electrician.

Risky Business

You may be surprised to know that on average every year around 10 deaths, 750 serious injuries, and 12,500 fires are caused due to faulty electrical work. Most of these fatalities occur due to ambitious DIY enthusiasts who carry out improper electrical repairs. 

Although it may look like you are saving money, you are in fact adding fuel to fire by conducting electrical repairs yourself. Improper wiring could cause a short circuit that may lead to a fire. There is also a risk of electric shock if proper care is not taken while doing electrical repair jobs. 

Professional electricians are expert in conducting electrical repairs. They know how to perform the job safely. These professionals use safety equipment and clothing that reduce the dangers of electrical repairs.

Breaking the Law

In most states in the US, it is illegal to install, extend or alter any wiring cable without getting it checked by a licensed electrical inspector. According to the Electricity (Safety) Regulations Act 2010, there are only a limited number of electric repairs that you are allowed to conduct yourself. Even conducting those repairs require that you have the necessary knowledge and skills. Also, there is a risk that if you sell the house, it may not pass safety code requirements due to improper home electrical repairs. 

Nullifies Insurance Claim 

Your insurance company may reject your insurance claim in case of fire or other damage caused by a DIY repair job. Most insurance contracts that relate to properties insurance clearly specify that if the damage to the property is done due to deliberate negligence of the owner the company will not compensate the owner for the loss. 

It is essential that you hire a professional electrician to conduct electrical repairs – both minor and major – at homes. Bonfe provides expert electrician who can take care of your electrical repair needs. Do not risk your life and property by conducting electrical repairs yourself. You can get in touch with Bonfe electricians by visiting the site www.bonfe.com

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  1. Good advice– DIY can be great, but electrical work requires very precise and well-informed know-how in order to prevent the risk of fires and serious injury. It’s ALWAYS recommended to seek out a professional when redoing an electrical system.

  2. I knew about a few of these but I didn’t realize that doing it yourself could nullify an insurance claim. We have an older system so until we can update it we’re looking for a 27 hour electrical service. Are there electricians who specialize in updating the wiring of older homes?

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