A Look At The Commercial, Residential And Industrial Electrical Services

To ensure your residential area or your workplace remains safe and secure, you need to hire reliable electrical services. For this purpose, you require an expert electrician to install, maintain and repair the various electrical components at your place.

The electrical power requirements of different property types vary. A residential area may not require frequent upgrades, installations or repair services. In contrast to that, industrial or commercial areas may require a number of electrical installations and control systems.

Let’s take a look at the three different types of electrical services and their requirements.

Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial electrical services, as the name suggests, are services required by the commercial projects. Commercial projects can be big or small, and their electrical services requirements vary accordingly. In addition to services for the building, parking decks and lots also require lighting.

Some of the services include:

•  Electrical installation and repair services of construction projects

•  Services included in workplace refurbishments and fit-outs

•  Devising, designing and installing any new electrical services or projects for any commercial area.

•  Taking care of maintenance and repair services of various electrical units and installations in commercial property.

•  Electrical services required in installing retail fit-outs

•  Ensuring all safety and healthy laws are met and the systems are regularly checked.

•  Ensure the safety of the workers and the employees by properly maintaining the entire building’s electrical system.

Industrial Electrical Services

This category includes large factories and other such industrial sectors. Huge industries require a number of electrical installations and projects. Industrial electrical services include repair, maintenance and installation services in factories, warehouses and other such industrial areas.

Such huge industries require design and installation of high-voltage boards and machinery. They also require installation of control systems. Industries require regular repair and maintenance of such systems too. It needs to be ensured that the projects are carried out in accordance with the health and safety laws laid out by the relevant authorities.

Residential Electrical Services

Residential areas may not require as many upgrades and installations as commercial areas, but the huge number of residential areas need an equivalent number of professional electricians too. There is a huge range of electrical services that are available for domestic consumers.

Popular domestic electrical services can include repairing, upgrading or installation of:

•  Switches

•  Outlet repairs

•  Pool and hot tub wiring repairs

•  Circuit breaker repairs

•  Switchboard upgrades

•  Renovations

•  Lighting design.

Residential services may also be provided for installation and repair for air conditioner systems. This includes repair services for ductless A/Cs, air filter, etc.

Residential users require high voltage wiring as well as low voltage wiring. Low voltage wiring is meant for internet and phone lines, alarm systems, and speaker systems. Electrical services also cover installation and repair for theater rooms, hot tubs, etc.

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  1. Our home acts a place of residence as well as business, so we have needed both of those types of electrical services. It seems like every week something else is in need of fixing, but finding the right kind of care is never too difficult. A neighbor thinks that he can do a lot of this stuff on his own, but I am going to refer him to this site so he might have a better idea of what he cannot do.

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