Does Your House Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Are you experiencing issues with using multiple appliances simultaneously?  Do you have issues using one appliance while another one is switched on? Did switching an appliance with a new one blow a fuse? You might be taking such issues for granted, but it can turn out to be a serious issue as far as your house’s electrical system is concerned. If you are experiencing such issues frequently, chances are high that your house’s electrical panel needs an upgrade.

In today’s day and age, people use a large amount of electrical power for various electrical appliances and gadgets. In addition to running appliances, even those electronic items which are turned off but are plugged in the sockets, draw power.

These problems may be a result of your electrical panel not being upgraded. How do you know your house is need of an electrical  upgrade? If you live in a house built three to four decades ago, it is highly recommended that you get an upgrade. This is because older buildings were not made to keep up with the high energy demand.

There can be other reasons for going for an upgrade too, even if you don’t live in an older house.

When Should I Go For a Service Upgrade?

If you have to frequently unplug one device to use another, you definitely have an issue with your electrical panel. If using some appliances is causing the breaker to trip, or your lights flicker every time you switch on the iron, your electrical panel needs to be fixed.

As a general rule, the system can be called outdated if the service panel has less than 200 amperes of power available. This is mostly in the cases where the house is more than two decades old.

Should I go For The Upgrade Right Away

Ideally, yes. This is because you would be spending more money on getting the system repaired regularly in case of problems. And that’s not all. An overstressed panel, in addition to requiring frequent repairs, is dangerous for your home too.

Also, if you use a lot of gadgets and your house has a large number of power strips and extension cords, your house has to have the necessary upgrading of the panel.  In case any of the gadgets overheat, damage can be caused to your television, computer and any other appliance plugged in. This can also lead to fire hazards.

Do I Need Professional Services?

Replacing an electrical panel requires extensive know-how and hands-on experience of electrical wiring. Revamping and upgrading the entire house’s wiring is not an easy task, and can be dangerous if carried out by non-experienced people.

Apart from that, there is a risk of electrocution and fire hazards too, so you should get the upgrading of the electrical panel done by professionals only.

If you wish to know more about the upgrade of the electrical panel in your house or want upgrade services from expert having years of industry experience, visit

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