Hug a Plumber on April 25


How will you be celebrating National Hug a Plumber Day April 25?

The definition of a plumber is “a person who installs and repairs piping, fixtures, appliances and appurtenances in connection with the water supply, drainage systems, etc., both in and out of buildings.”

While that might be the technical definition of a plumber, at the heart of it is this: at Bonfe, we want to fix any plumbing issue while providing you with the best possible service. We want to “wow” you so much that you want to hug our plumbers in thanks! These skilled employees dedicate their lives to helping others.


Why do plumbers get a national day dedicated to hugs?

Take a second to think about all the things you take for granted in your home … washing dishes with warm water, flushing the toilet without it overflowing, the silence of a non-leaky sink, showering without the water filling up from a hair-clogged drain, drinking filtered, clean water. That’s just a few of the wonderful things our plumbers provide so you can live in a happy and carefree home.

Plumbers are special because they fix problems we can’t (and let’s be honest, most likely don’t want to). In a pinch, they can quickly become the heroes of our homes.


So much more than unclogging toilets:

Sometimes, plumbing can be misconstrued as a job of just unclogging toilets all day. But in reality, that’s not the case. Take it from one Bonfe tech, Ray G.: “As licensed plumbers, we help protect the health of the nation. Without plumbers keeping our potable water clean and getting waste going where it needs to go, we would be living in a much different world with a lot more death and disease.”

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Our promise:

Our promise to you is to do the correct service at an honest price. And people trust that promise and our plumbing services. Don’t take our word for it—check out our customer reviews! With almost 1,400 reviews of our plumbing services, we’ve earned 4.7 out of 5 stars.


Become a hero in your community:

Do you feel like becoming the hero you always knew you were meant to be? Check out our careers page and apply today! Maybe next year, you’ll get a hug on National Hug a Plumber Day, too.

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