How to Store Holiday Lights to Prevent Tangles and Damage

Nobody enjoys the chore of packing up holiday lights. When the excitement of the holiday season ebbs away after New Year’s, it’s hard to find the motivation to go through the hassle of taking down holiday decorations and putting them away. Don’t be the house on the block that still has lights up in March! Learn how to store holiday lights carefully in order to prevent damage and reduce headaches when you pull them back out 11 months later.

Even the most eager holiday cheer will be dampened when confronted with an impossible tangle of holiday lights stashed away in a rush the previous year. Not only is such a tangle a major source of stress, but packing lights away haphazardly can cause broken sockets, damaged cords, or crushed bulbs.

Strands damaged in storage may not work when they are finally untangled and plugged in, causing even more hair pulling! Not to mention that broken sockets and damaged cords are a serious home fire hazard.

The easiest way to store holiday lights is to wrap each strand around a stiff piece of cardboard (perhaps torn from one of the many boxes floating around the house during this time of year). Wrap the coiled lights in a bag, paper, or fabric to protect the bulbs, then place all bundles into a sturdy container for safekeeping until next year.

Many home good retailers sell designated holiday light storage bags, but this DIY method works just as well! Don’t forget to label the container so that it’s easy to find next December.

This easy method to store holiday lights will keep your strands protected, organized, and tangle-free. Now you just have to set aside time to do it!

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