How To Delay Turning On Your Central Heat

October is such a tricky in-between month, temperature-wise. You need a jacket when you leave for work in the morning, but by mid-afternoon you’re stripping it off to escape the heat. The daily ups and downs make it hard to find a comfortable temperature for your thermostat. Although some mornings are cold enough for SmartWool socks, we spend most of October wondering whether or not it’s time to turn on the central heat for the season.

Since October is also National Energy Awareness Month, we’re sharing a few sneaky ways to postpone turning your central heating on for another week or two. It’s just delaying the inevitable, but at least you can save some energy and a little money in the meantime.

Tips for Staying Warm Without Turning on the Heat

Invest in Some Heavy Drapery

Sure, heavy drapes might make the room feel darker. But it gets dark out so early anyway, you might as well reap some benefit and take advantage of the insulating power of heavy curtains. Even when your home is well-insulated, windows can always be a source of heat loss. Add an extra barrier by covering them with thick drapes.

Seal the Doors

Drafts are sneaky, and they can slip in through the smallest of crevices. Make sure your exterior doors are well sealed to prevent a chill from slipping in where you least expect it. There are many affordable draft-blocking and crack-sealing options available at hardware stores, so you can pick whatever works best for your home.

Do Some Jumping Jacks

…or anything that gets your blood flowing. Your internal temperature plays a huge role in how warm (or cold) you feel, so elevate that heart rate. When your muscles warm up, so does your core body temperature. Just try to avoid breaking a sweat—sweat is designed to cool your body temperature, so it will counteract your efforts. Try doing low-impact exercises like squats while you’re watching TV.

Bundle Up & Cuddle

Is there anything cozier than cuddling while wearing your warmest, comfiest clothes? That’s a rhetorical question. Of course there’s not. Break out your sweaters, bundle up, and find your favorite cuddle buddy. Whether it’s your romantic partner, your cousin, your toddler, or your new puppy, chilly early winter evenings are the best excuse for a cuddle. Nothing warms you up faster than body heat.

Insulate Underfoot

Did you know that your feet play a large role in regulating your body temperature? It’s true. Life hack: If your feet are warm, the rest of you is more likely to feel warm too! Hardwood floors are a beautiful interior design feature, but oh boy can they get chilly. We’ve all put a tentative toe on the floor on a chilly morning only to yank it back into the safety of our warm bedding to escape the cold wood floor (and wakeup call). If you have large expanses of hardwood, tile, or linoleum floor in your home, cover them up with rug or carpet to help insulate your living space. Also, suit up with your favorite pair of thick wool socks. Can’t hurt, right?

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