5 Cost-Saving Benefits of Installing Dimmer Switches

Typically, when we think of ways to conserve energy, we think about making sacrifices. Installing dimmer switches for your home lighting system is one of the few ways you can save without having to cut back or give anything up. Dimmer switches help conserve energy, save money, extend the lifetime of your equipment, AND improve your quality of life.

Benefits of installing dimmer switches in your home:

Energy-saving switches

Dimmers automatically save 4-9% more in electricity than a standard light switch, even at their highest brightness. Plus, your savings will only increase the dimmer you go. A standard switch only conserves energy when switched off—dimmers conserve energy at all times.

Conserve from all sources

No matter what kind of bulb you use in your home you’ll conserve energy with a dimmer. Dimmers are often associated with incandescent light, but the energy-conserving effects work for all light sources—halogen, LED, and CFL bulbs included. Dimming an incandescent or halogen bulb can reduce energy consumption by an average of 20%.

Enrich quality of life

Being able to control the light levels in your living and working space can have positive effects on your quality of life. Many people experience greater comfort and/or productivity in dimmer environments. Dimmers also allow you to adjust lighting levels based on personal preference, time of day, individual room functions, entertainment purposes, or desired ambiance.

Improves efficiency

Dimming systems with automated sensors can greatly improve the efficiency of your lighting system by adjusting light levels according to changes in outside light and time of day. Without requiring any manual supervision, these systems can reduce energy usage and costs.

Extends bulb lifetime

Because dimmers work by reducing the flow of power to the light source of bulb, they not only save energy but also extend the life of the bulb. Incandescent and halogen bulbs will last up to 20 times longer when connected to a dimmer than a standard switch, adding to your overall savings. LED bulbs will run cooler on a dimming system, which also extends lifetime.

Contact your Bonfe electrician today to schedule a consultation about installing dimmer switches in your home.

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