How to Choose a Trustworthy HVAC Provider

Getting the best deal on HVAC services doesn’t mean finding the cheapest deal. It means getting the job done right the first time around so you don’t have to spend more on faulty repairs later, or sweat steep utility bills running an inefficient system. To find a quality contractor, you have to do some research and know what you’re looking for—and which red flags to avoid. Here’s how to know when you’ve found a contractor you can trust.

They don’t give quotes sight unseen.

Any contractor who’s willing to give you a quote over the phone should not be trusted. HVAC diagnostics can be very complicated. Every home and system is unique, and thorough inspections must be performed before a diagnosis can be made. Only after sufficient diagnostic testing can you trust that the quote you’re given is fair and accurate. It’s also a good idea to ask for a written estimate. The provider will be less likely to tack on additional charges if the original quote is in writing.

They’re able to answer your questions.

A professional, well-trained HVAC technician should be able to explain the problem and its cause to you. If they try to evade your questions or are unable to identify the cause, you can assume they either don’t know (red flag) or don’t want to tell you the truth (double red flag). Either way, it’s a safe bet that whatever solution they prescribe won’t fix the underlying issue, even if it appears to remedy the immediate concern. You deserve honest service that gets to the heart of the problem.

They propose solutions, not just replacements.

New equipment installation is more profitable than repairs, so many unscrupulous contractors will offer to replace your HVAC system without making any effort to first diagnose or treat the problem. The result is that you wind up paying an exorbitant amount of money for a system that may not be a good fit for your home, when the issue could potentially have been solved with a less costly repair. Bonfe’s technicians will take the time to evaluate your system, perform diagnostic tests, and attempt any possible repairs before resorting to a whole system replacement. And if it does come down to that, we’ll make sure your new system is the right fit for your home.

They might not offer the lowest price.

As with most things, especially when it comes to your home, what you pay for is what you get. An unusually low estimate is a good indication of poor quality service. The initial cost of the repair should not be your only consideration when selecting a contractor. If you pay a low cost for a shoddy initial repair, you could end up paying a lot more in return visits and future repairs when your system breaks down again.

At Bonfe we believe so strongly in the quality of our services, we back all repairs and installations with a lifetime warranty.

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  1. I really liked how you pointed out that a good HVAC technician should be able to answer any questions you may have about your heating or cooling system. I have read that it’s important to get regular maintenance performed on a heating and cooling system, so I’ve been looking to hire an HVAC contractor to come out and service it. It would be really helpful if the contractor was able to answer the questions I have about how I can take proper care of my system throughout the year.

  2. My dad has been needing to get some HVAC repair services for his home, and he asked me to help him find a good company to call. I’m glad that you talked about being able to find a company who is able to answer the questions that he may have about his HVAC system, which I think is something that he’d really appreciate. I’m going to have to look at some different repair companies and make sure that I choose the right one to help him! Thank you!

  3. These are some great tips for finding a good HVAC contractor. We need to get our heating looked at before winter really comes in, so thanks for this. I’d love to work with a pro who’s willing to try and treat the problem our heater has before replacing it!

  4. These are good things to look for in an HVAC company. I like how you mentioned finding someone who answers all of our questions. We want a new AC unit, and I know we’ll have plenty of questions, so that is important.

  5. My husband and I are planning on replacing our air conditioning system soon, so we are wondering how to find the best HVAC technician to help us. So I like your suggestion to find a contractor who is able to explain any issues and its causes easily so that you can be sure they are a professional. We will definitely have to start our search for an HVAC technician by making sure that they will be able to answer any questions and concerns we have.

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