Troubleshooting Common Boiler Problems

Both the supply of hot water and heat in your home are reliant on your boiler functioning properly. You should trust any major repairs to the expertise of a professional, but there are a number of simple things you can do to diagnose and troubleshoot common boiler problems yourself before picking up the phone.

Before you try anything else, start by verifying that any gas, water, or electricity feeds to your boiler are switched on, and check other appliances to make sure it isn’t a system problem related to these supply lines. You can also try resetting your boiler by turning it off and back on. If the problem continues, move on to the tips below.

Problem: Radiators are cold
Solution: Bleed your radiators to allow any air trapped in the system to escape.

Problem: Boiler turns off
Solution: A number of things can cause your boiler to turn off unexpectedly, including low water pressure, issues with the thermostat, or a frozen pipe. If it’s cold enough outside that a pipe could have frozen, look for signs to identify the frozen pipe and take steps to thaw it as quickly as possible. If the problem seems to be caused by low water pressure, call your water company to see if any work is being done in the area that might temporarily be affecting pressure.

Problem: Clanking and clanging
Solution: Noisiness is almost always the result of “kettling,” which is caused by a build up of lime scale inside your heat exchanger. Bleeding your radiator or flushing your pipes can both remove lime scale from your boiler system.

Problem: Pilot light is out
Solution: You can relight the pilot light yourself. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions, usually printed right on the boiler’s door. If the light continues to go out each time it’s lit, the problem is probably caused by a faulty thermocouple or damaged seals, both of which should be dealt with by a professional.

Problem: Unreliable thermostat
Solution: If the reading on your thermostat doesn’t correspond to how warm it actually feels in your house, you may have a problem with the thermostat, not the boiler. Troubleshoot the thermostat first.

Problem: Boiler is losing pressure
Solution: Loss of pressure is often caused by a water leak or an issue with the expansion vessel. You may be able to re-pressurize your boiler yourself. Consult your owner’s manual for instructions. Be very careful not to exceed the pressure levels stated in the manual, at risk of creating a safety hazard!

Have you gone through all these tips, but your boiler still isn’t working? Call Bonfe. We’ll send a technician to diagnose and repair the problem immediately.

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