Always Have a Backup: Bonfe’s Home Maintenance Plans

Sometimes, even with proper precautions, routine maintenance and careful usage of appliances and HVAC systems, accidents still happen. Surprise breakdowns still happen. Wear and tear still happens. For those occasions, you need a backup plan. That’s why Bonfe offers Peace of Mind Service Plans.

Our three distinct home maintenance plans customize service to the unique needs of your home. You receive two complementary service visits each year, plus the added perks of priority scheduling for additional visits and 15% off all service and necessary parts.

Bonfe’s Bronze plan is designed to benefit any homeowner. It covers all the seasonal tune-ups you need to keep your home systems in optimal running condition for the summer and winter months.

Every fall, one of our certified heating technicians will perform a 20-point heating check to verify that your heating system is ready to keep you safe and warm throughout another Minnesota winter. Before the last of the ice thaws, we’ll visit you again to ensure your cooling system is ready to gear up for summer.

With Bonfe’s maintenance plans, you can rest easy knowing your home’s health is in the experienced hands of our trained service technicians and our 20 years of serving Minneapolis-St. Paul metro families.

Visit our service plans section to compare coverage and find the best fit for your home. When you see the right plan for your needs, sign up takes just seconds and peace of mind shall be yours!

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