4 Reasons to Think About Your Furnace in August

Yes, we know. It’s August. Some mornings it’s so hot that the mere thought of walking outside to the car makes you break out in a sweat. The last thing you want to do is think about your furnace. But thinking ahead will ensure that you are prepared for the cold as soon as the temperature drops. Here are four good reasons to schedule a furnace inspection now, not later.

1. Prevention is the best form of maintenance.

Preventative inspections are cheaper than repairs if your furnace does break down. During a System Saver Tune Up inspection, your Bonfe technician will fix, replace, or lubricate any parts that aren’t performing well, and spot problems before they become serious (and expensive). Most calls reporting furnaces not dispensing heat come from people who didn’t have an annual inspection. Un-serviced furnaces can stop working very suddenly. Don’t get left in the cold!

2. Regular maintenance improves furnace performance and efficiency.

One of the most important things your technician will do during an inspection is clean out your vents. Your furnace works by pulling air through a filter. Over time, that filter becomes clogged, making the system work harder and use more energy. Cleaning the filter regularly ensures a steady, efficient airflow that will heat your home more effectively and save you money. During your inspection, the technician will also re-calibrate your thermostat, making sure that your furnace can effectively regulate the temperature throughout your home.

3. A healthy furnace = a healthy family.

The health of your furnace affects the well-being of your family. Dirty filters that haven’t been cleaned in years collect mold spores and other toxic airborne particles that will be released and carried throughout your home. Also, furnaces release carbon monoxide in their exhaust as part of normal function. Even a small problem can lead to a very dangerous carbon monoxide leak. Safety inspections are an integral component of routine maintenance service and a crucial reason not to skip them.

4. Save time.

Practically speaking, it’s just easier to schedule a furnace technician in the summertime than during the peak demand in the cold months.

The end of summer and early fall is the best time to schedule your annual furnace inspection, before the onset of winter. Call Bonfe today to schedule your routine service visit.

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