Fracking and the link between the Local Water Contamination

The EPA has repeatedly given warnings that fracking results in groundwater pollution. Fracking is a controversial procedure for improving productivity of oil and gas wells in the US. The process involves pumping pressurized sand, water, and chemicals to open fissures in order to improve flow of oil and gas to the surface. However, substantial evidence suggests that fracking leads to pollution of underground water.

This has led to increased demand for services of reputable water testing laboratories all over the country. The results of water quality test kits are not encouraging for home owners in the US. Water pollution due to fracking has been reported in various states. Recent water quality tests conducted across households and businesses in the US suggests that water pollution due to fracking has become a major concern. 

How Fracking Affects Water Supply?

Fracking has become such a controversial topic that certain states, such as Vermont, have banned the activity. The bans will stay in place until alternative methods of fracking are found that are less harmful for the environment.

Still, water supplies in a number of states are prey to contamination due to fracking. You need to get the water supply checked to ensure that it has not become contaminated due to stray gas or other substances. 

A number of people are in the dark about the impact of fracking on water quality. The fact of the matter is that fracking fluid has increasingly been found in surrounding water supply. Fracking fluids are sent deep under the earth to split up rocks so that gas and oil can easily be extracted. This contaminates groundwater posing a serious health concern to the nearby residents. 

Why You Need to Test Water Quality Pollution due to Fracking?

You need to test the quality of your water supply if you reside in an area where fracking activities are going on. Water quality testing companies use kits that check the chemical, physical, and radiological quality of water. It is important that you have your water supply checked through a professional water quality testing company to ensure that it is not contaminated with pollutants. 

Many people have reported contamination of water supply in the US. The water supplies have been found to be contaminated with a number of harmful chemicals that pose a serious threat to the health of the residents. The dangers of water pollution due to fracking are not fully realized at the moment. 

If your drinking water is contaminated, you and your family are in danger every time water is drawn from the tap for drinking. You should not take risk and get your water supply checked instantly for contamination due to fracking. Getting your water supply checked or having a filter installed will bring the peace of mind in knowing that the water you drink from the tap is completely safe for consumption.

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