Fall Energy Saving Tips

Many people view fall season as a time to relax and enjoy spectacular display of yellow, red, and orange foliage of the autumn season. However, it is also the time when energy bills soar due to increased usage of the heating system as people spend majority of their time relaxing inside their homes. 

Here are a few tips you can follow to wrestle control of your home’s energy usage. Following these tips will not only lower the energy bills but also lengthen the lifespan of your costly HVAC system. 

Install a Zoning System 

A zoning system will allow you to designate certain areas of your home as “zones”. This concentrates heating or cooling efforts on only the zones you choose, which is especially useful in multistory homes. A zoning system also comes in handy in situations where only one or two rooms tend to be occupied during a given time.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat 

Programmable thermostats give you the ability to control temperature of your home. It allows you to designate when the heating or cooling system should operate or shut off to conserve energy. You can invest in a Wi-Fi enabled unit for optimal control. A Wi-Fi enabled thermostat allows you to access the thermostat through the internet. 

Keep Temperature of Your Heating Unit Low

Some people wrongly believe that the home warms up faster by turning up the heat. This is certainly not true. It will not only result in increased energy bill but also overshoot actual temperature of the room. You should keep the room temperature to 68°F for maximum comfort in the house. 

Keep Water Heater Temperature below 120° F

You should keep the water heater setting below 120° F. Many people set the water heater to its highest temperature in the belief that it will warm up the water more quickly. Again this is a wrong presumption. A setting 120° F will be more than enough for most homes. 

Check for Air leaks 

Air leaks results in a constant loss of energy that escape from the house. It forces the furnace to pump up more heat to warm the room. One common area to check for air leaks is around door and windows. Air leaks can also occur in locations such as electrical outlets and ductwork. This results in considerable loss of energy that appreciates heating and cooling bills. You must hire a professional to check for air leaks around your home and prevent appreciation of energy bills. 

Consider Using Alternate Sources of Energy 

A number of people are now using alternate source of energy like solar and wind to generate electricity. This not only lowers the energy bill but also help keeps the environment green and clean. Apart from solar and wind, geothermal energy is also making headway in US as an alternate source of energy.

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