Fall is Approaching, is Your Furnace Ready?

Autumn is approaching fast.  Have you checked your furnace to make sure it is in working order before the cold sets in?  Here are a few pieces of information you should know to help check if all the equipment is in working order.  Having a yearly inspection is also worth it in the long run.  A professional may catch a problem before it becomes a major cost to you.


Replace your filter

Before the cold sets in you should replace your filter.  Most filters easily slide out of place in your blower chamber.  There usually are instructions in your furnace manual if you have questions on how yours works.  If your manual suggests a certain type of filter be sure to purchase that kind.  Consider replacing your filter with a HEPA filter or electrostatic one.  This will increase your energy efficiency in your home by letting the warm air to flow easily through your home.  Filters should always be changed monthly.



Is the area around your furnace clutter free?  Make sure boxes, totes and other debris are not too close to your furnace.  They can impede the flow of air and reduce the efficiency and life of your furnace.


Fire it up!

Before the really cold days set in, be sure to give your furnace a test run.  That way you will know if you need a professional to come out and look at it.  Does it kick out the heat?  Make any odd noises?  If you wait until it is really needed and then find out it doesn’t work properly, it can be an expensive emergency.


Check air vents

To make sure you are heating as efficiently as possible, make sure all your air vents do not have boxes, papers or other items in front of them.  You can also make sure you have the vents on the floor open and the ones nearest the ceiling closed.  This will provide better air circulation.


Yearly maintenance checks

It is smart to have yearly maintenance checks done by a professional heating service.  Here are a just a few things they will inspect:

•  Check for carbon monoxide


• Check the operation of the blower, fan and motor operation


•  Check the thermostat and and safety controls to see if they are working properly


•  Check the piping that goes to your furnace for any issues


•  Hazardous debris check for blockages in the chimney


•  Check alignment of the fan belt


•  Check the gas pilot if needed on your furnace

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