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Successful Bonfe Career Stories - Connie Cleveland
Connie Cleveland

Connie believes Bonfe has it all, a great environment with supportive co-workers and leaders, direction from the leadership team, core beliefs and a focus that most companies are lacking. Bonfe truly is a team that works together to better the company, and therefore each other.

Started her career as a part-time Customer Service Representative in May of 2003 Became a full-time customer service representative in May of 2005 Move to an administrative assistant in December of 2010 Promoted to Accounting Assistant in September of 2011.

Successful Bonfe Career Stories - Alex Cisneros
Alex Cisneros

Alex feels that unlike many companies out there these days, Bonfe gives employees an opportunity to grow. The close family environment at Bonfe cultivates not only lessons in the working world, but lessons that cross over into family lives outside of work. He says Bonfe has a great environment and is a place people want to work at and stay long term.

Started with Bonfe as a Warehouse Runner in June of 2006 Promoted to the Warehouse Lead in 2013 Designated Fleet Lead in June 2013 Became part of Operations Team in June 2013 Promoted to Warehouse Manager and On Call Manager in August of 2014.

Successful Bonfe Career Stories - Jake Niebur
Jake Niebur

Jake has said that Bonfe did not start out as a career, “Who thinks that being a warehouse runner could lead to such a career that one decides this is where I want to work when I grow up?” 10 years later it is clear that Jake has made quite a career for himself. Jake would tell others that as long as you’re open to new experiences and willing to learn, Bonfe will work with you to help create attractive opportunities to keep you motivated and challenged.

Started at Bonfe as a Warehouse Runner in July 2004 Promoted to Purchasing Agent in the fall of 2006 Designated lead HVAC inventory specialist fall of 2013 Became part of Operations Team in June 2014 Promoted to Installation Manager and on call Manager in June 2014.

Successful Bonfe Career Stories - Jake Hayes
Jake Hayes

When asked what made Bonfe different and a place he wanted to stay for his career, he stated things were always moving, changing, and evolving in a good direction. There is always an opportunity for growth and to learn and further yourself as an employee and person.

Began his career with Bonfe as a Parts Runner in June of 2002 Completed his HVAC schooling in 2003 and moved to our duct cleaning department Promoted to HVAC Installation department in 2004 Became part of the HVAC Service department in 2009 Promoted to the HVAC Technical Advisor in June of 2014

Paid Training.  Great Money.  No Cubicles.

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