Electrical Panel Giveaway

Electrical panel replaced by Bonfe

Bonfe is excited to announce we’ll be giving away 5 electrical panels to 5 lucky winners! Each electrical panel installation is valued up to $7,500 and offers new safety features like Arc fault protection, new grounding and whole home surge protection. 

When/Why should you update your electrical panel? 

  • Did you add electrical features like a car charger, hot tub, or treadmill?
  • Was your home built before 1986?
  • Do you have an electrical panel with known safety issues?
  • Do you have household nuisances like flicker lights, breakers tripping or outlets not working?

These are all signs that you may need a panel upgrade. And don’t forget about the safety features listed above to protect your home.

Who can enter? 

Bonfe services owner-occupied single family homes. This offer is not available for commercial buildings, multi-unit dwellings, group homes or complexes with shared meter banks.

What’s included? 

A 60-200 amp main panel installation – up to a $7,500 value

A licensed, Bonfe electrician will install the new electrical panel, breakers and surge protection, as well as pull any necessary permits to make sure your system is up to code.

How can I enter?

Call or fill out the form below to book your complimentary inspection! Let our customer service representative know you want to enter our giveaway. Our team will schedule a Bonfe electrician to come to your home and inspect your current panel…no service fee! If the electrician determines you need a new panel, with no obligation to make a purchase, you’ll be entered into our drawing. No service fee!  On October 1st the winners will be announced through email and Facebook.  Call Bonfe at 651-332-6633 and enter for a free electrical panel giveaway today!

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