Bonfe Inspection Checklist

Welcome to the Bonfe Membership Plan!

In addition to a 15% discount and two 40-point HVAC inspections, your plan includes a full safety inspection of one of the following systems of your choice:

Plumbing Animation


Water Heater

  • Visual inspection of unit
    • Shut Off Valve (proper operation, detectable leaks,
    • Drain Valve (proper operation, detectable leaks, rust/corrosion)
    • Temperature & Pressure (T&P) Valve (proper operation,
      visual evidence of temperature and pressure going off)
    • Burner Assembly (clean, proper operation, steady flame)
    • Gas Shutoff (up to code, proper operation, detectable leaks)
    • Venting (proper pitch, up to code, rust/corrosion), back
    • Combustion Air (adequate volume)

Sump Pump

  • Visual inspection of unit
    • Pit is free of rocks and debris
    • Pump (test float, proper operation)
    • Discharge Piping (properly secured, exiting the house)
    • Check Valve (proper operation)
    • Cover (proper fit)
    • Back Up System (test, proper function)

Water Supply

  • Emergency Shutoffs (proper function)
  • Insulation Quality
  • Pressure Reducing Valve (proper function, water pressure is up to code)


  • Proper Flow
  • Shut Off Valve (proper operation, detectable leaks, rust/corrosion)
  • Back Water Valves (proper operation)
  • Clean Outs

Laundry Room

  • Faucet (properly secured)
  • Emergency Shutoffs (proper function)
  • Drain flow
  • Trap and tubular (detectable leaks)
  • Water Supplies (detectable leaks, rust/corrosion)
  • Dryer (gas supply, detectable leaks)
  • Proper ventilation
  • Visual check of outdoor termination point


  • Dishwasher Drain (proper function, up to code)
  • Garbage Disposal (proper operation, detectable leaks, rust/corrosion)
  • Emergency Shutoffs (proper function)
  • Ice Maker (check water line, check shut off)
  • Instant Hot (proper operation, detectable leaks, rust/corrosion)
  • Dishwasher Supply Line (proper operation, detectable leaks,
  • Trap and Tubular (detectable leaks)


  • Toilet (proper draining, proper flushing)
  • Sink (proper draining, faucet integrity & operation)
  • Tub and Shower (proper draining, faucet integrity & operation,
    shower head flow)
  • Diverter Assembly (proper function)
  • Caulking (cracking)
  • Trap and Tubular (detectable leaks)
  • Emergency Shutoffs (proper function)
  • Pop Up Assembly (proper operation, detectable leaks)

Wet Bar

  • Sink (proper draining)
  • Faucet (steady flow)

Outdoor Spigots

  • Shut Off Operation (proper operation, detectable leaks, rust/corrosion)
  • Vacuum Breaker (burst pipes, detectable leaks, visual assessment)
  • Sealed and Anchored
  • Drainable Shut Of

Water Meter

  • Meter is running
  • Detectable leaks
  • Ball Valve
  • First main house shut off
  • Second main house shut of
Drain Animation

Drain & Sewer


  • Water Heater (check for leaks with gas sniffer, pipe tie-in to the water heater)
  • Gas Meter (check for leaks with gas sniffer)
  • Furnace (check for leaks with gas sniffer, pipe tie-in to the furnace)
  • Gas Dryer (check connection point)
  • Check for leaks on exposed/visible gas lines

Drain and Pipe

  • Run water in every bathroom
    • Shower drainage
    • Sink drainage
    • Tub drainage
    • Ease of turning faucets on/of
    • Dripping faucets
    • Detectable P-trap leaks under sink
  • Toilet (visually assess flapper)
  • Floor Drains/ Laundry Area (test drains with pouring water, check laundry sink drainage, detectable leaks)


  • Visual check for leaks


  • Dishwasher (detectable leaks, check tie-in to P-Trap)
  • Garbage Disposal (age of disposal, detectable leaks, rust/corrosion)
Electrical Animation



  • Brand of panel
  • Age of panel
  • Visual inspection of main electrical panel
    • Breakers (rust/corrosion, wires secured, no loose parts, no signs of overheating, appropriate load on each breaker, correct wire size, general condition of wiring)
    • Bus Bar (rust/corrosion, discoloration/signs of overheating)
    • Insulation
  • Visual check for continuous ground(s)
    • Securely connected at both ends
    • Compliant with National Electrical Code
    • Surge protection
  • Document the service size and load needs for the home


  • Visual inspection of outdoor receptacles (proper function, proper grounding, proper wire connection, proper wire sizing, proper GFCI function, protection from the elements meets code)
  • Visual inspection of electrical mast (rust/corrosion, mast integrity, visibly loose wires, secure connection to interior panel, secure pipe to interior panel)
  • Visual inspection of electrical meter (rust/corrosion)
  • Visual inspection of overhead wires (signs of damage, visible strain, proximity to trees/house are clear to code)


  • All rooms:
    • Check for compatibility of fixtures and lightbulbs
    • Check for flickering lights
    • Check for proper function of GFCI
    • Check receptacles and light switches for:
      • Proper function
      • Proper grounding
      • Proper wire connection
      • Proper wire sizing
  • Visual inspection of carbon monoxide detectors*
  • Visual inspection of smoke detectors*
  • Check for smooth and quiet operation of bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans
  • Visual inspection of garbage disposal wire connection

Mechanical Equipment

  • Air conditioner (wiring, breaker, disconnect condition)
  • Visual inspection of exterior condenser disconnect (rust/corrosion, loose wires, properly installed conduit)
  • Visual inspection of furnace/boiler (proper wiring, breaker condition, test GFI)
  • Electric Water Heater (wiring, breaker condition, proper grounding of main water valve)

Backup Generator

  • Brand
  • Amps of transfer switch
  • Last known operation
  • Proper installation
  • Wiring condition

NOTE: Bonfe does NOT move furniture. Customers are responsible for moving any furniture necessary for technicians to access receptacles.

*Customer is responsible for replacing batteries.

Already Included In Your Plan:

Heating Animation


  • Check and Clean Burners
  • Lubricate Motor
  • Clean Pilot
  • Check Thermostat
  • Inspect Flue Pipes
  • Check Draft
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Check Filter
  • Check Safety Limit Switch
  • Check Pilot Safety
  • Check Roll Out Safety Switch
  • Check Pressure Switches
  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Check Furnace Performance
  • Test for Carbon Monoxide
  • Check Humidifier
  • Check Water Heater Drafting, Ignition Systems, Burners and Test for Carbon Monoxide
Cooling Animation


  • Lubricate Blower & Bearings
  • Check Fan Speed
  • Turn Off Humidifier/Close Damper
  • Check Condensate Drain
  • Check Blower Rotation
  • Check Amp Draw of Motor
  • Check Thermostat
  • Check & Clean Condenser
  • Check Operating Pressure
  • Check Suction Line Temp
  • Check Refrigerant Charge
  • Check All Safety Controls
  • Check Contactors & Relays
  • Start & Run High Voltage Storage
  • Check All Wiring Connections
  • Check Compressor
  • Check Condenser Fan Motor
  • Check Temp Drop Across Coil
  • Inspect Air to Air Exchanger Intake, Filter, Motor Operation and Set Dial to Correct Setting
  • Test Water for Hardness Levels and Softener for Proper Salt Levels
  • Check batteries of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors*

*At a height of no more than 7 ft.; customer must supply ladder if needed.

  • Discount on any recommended repairs for plumbing, electric or drains
  • Regular repair rates for after hours emergency calls
  • Convenient, Priority Service

*Note: Regular maintenance and tune-ups are required on all Bonfe-installed equipment to keep their Lifetime Warranty.

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