Air Filter Home Delivery Services in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Bonfe Furnace & Air Conditioner Air Filter Delivery Program

Peace of Mind & Convenience

Never worry about remembering to buy replacement furnace filters ahead of time or remember what brand and size you need. Order new air filters from Bonfe and always have the right furnace filters when you need them.

Improve Furnace & AC Efficiency

Improve furnace efficiency and indoor air quality, and extend the life of your equipment with Bonfe air filter replacements. Clogged filters reduce efficiency, strain your systems, and can permanently damage equipment.

Filter delivery is the easiest way to keep up with your air filtration and furnace/air conditioning maintenance. We offer monthly filter delivery along with our peace of mind service plans to guarantee your heating & cooling system stays clean and efficient all year long.

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Helpful Information | Different Types of Filters

What Kind of Filter is Best for You & Your Home?

Not sure? That’s okay! Check out a list of all the different types of air filters that are available for your furnace or air conditioning unit. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we would be HAPPY to discuss your options & what would be the best fit for you & your home needs!

Standard Flat Fiberglass Air Filters – Your most common, lowest cost filter. These disposable filters are intended to protect your unit, but due to its low filtration efficiency, these usually fail to clean your air properly. Fiberglass sheets are held together with a cardboard frame and come in several sizes.

Washable Air Filters – While not overly common, these plastic mesh or nylon weave filters can last up to 3 years if properly maintained. They are a bit more expensive and need to be washed every 4-6 months.

Pleated Media Air Filters – As the name suggests, these disposable filters are a pleated sheet of polyester or cotton blend. The pleats help in catching a lot of the airborne particles. Our brand of choice for these pleated media filters is High-Efficiency Air Bear which we can install for you.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters guarantee to trap 99.7% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns. Our eyes can’t see anything smaller than 10 microns, so pollutants like mold spores, bacteria and viruses escape detection.

Most room air filters capture particles 10 microns or larger. So, HEPA filters are great for those smaller allergens like chemicals, asbestos, dust, pollen and pet dander. And, the more the times the air passes through a HEPA filter, the cleaner it gets.

Ultra-Violet “UV” Disinfection is another very effective way to destroy micro-organisms is via Germicidal Ultraviolet air disinfection. Micro-organisms including: mold spores, virus, bacteria, fungus and mildew. As the air passes through a germicidal UV light, the micro-organisms are destroyed. This method of air filtration is becoming more and more popular because it is safe, easy to use and maintain……and economical.

Electrostatic precipitators
require electricity to work. Air passes through a high-voltage grid which applies a positive charge to particles – which then moves to a negatively charged electronic filter trapping them. Remember, it is important to regularly remove and clean these filters (at minimum monthly) as they are very effective at collecting particles fast.

If you have any questions about which filter may be best for you in the Twin Cities area, just give us a call. Our trained and certified technicians can answer all your questions including replacement and installation of any of these options.

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