Bonfe Insider: January 2022

A simple switch-up in your lighting can make a real difference in your quality of life.

Skeptical? We hear you. Think about it like this:

People love to curl up by a fire or light candles in the dead of winter, right? That’s because soft, warm light feels cozy and reassuring. And why do people typically close curtains if they’re going to try to nap? Because natural light is stimulating and refreshing – great for getting work done or exercising, but not so much for a snooze.

Mood lighting

The Journal of Consumer Psychology found that harsh, bright lighting makes people feel uncomfortable, whereas softer light can elicit feelings of relaxation.

Lighting even impacts how we eat. Studies suggest that dining in overly bright light can cause people to eat faster, whereas dimmer lighting encourages us to slow down. Maybe it’s time to add some warm-toned LED lights to your kitchen.

More research suggests that brighter light intensifies emotions – both good and bad – while lower light helps maintain equilibrium. Poorly lit areas or inconsistent lighting can cause eye strain and lead to headaches and fatigue. Lighting is personal, too. With so many of us wearing multiple hats at home – working, studying, parenting, unwinding – it’s important to get a sense for how you function best in all those circumstances. Which lighting makes you feel the most productive? Which lighting makes you feel ready for a workout, ready to hop out of bed in the morning, or ready to drift off to sleep? Sometimes it takes some trial and error, and your perfect lighting won’t be the same as someone else’s. Having the right kind of lighting and amount is the key. Need some help with specific ideas to improve your lighting? We have lighting consultants that will come to your home and give you personalized recommendations and lighting solutions.

Cheaper than a new kitchen

One place where it’s great to have strong lighting? The kitchen. If you’ve been feeling ho-hum about your kitchen and considering an update – but a total redo isn’t in the budget – try adding new lighting. Under-cabinet lighting, new pendants, or adding recessed lights can totally transform the look and feel of the space, making it a purposeful room for gathering with family and loved ones.

Reimagine your space

A lot of people have the renovation itch after being stuck at home for so long.  You don’t need to make drastic changes to make a real impact.

Transform a backyard or patio into an inviting outdoor living space by adding an exterior outlet and some strategic lighting. You can even add color-changing LED lights to change the look of your space for any event. Lighting can make all the difference in a TV or movie room. Accent lighting can brighten up dark spaces and make a previously underutilized part of your home perfect for a mini-office, zen space, yoga studio, or whatever suits your needs.

Flickering Lights?

If you’ve been struggling with malaise, headaches, fatigue, or eyestrain, flickering lights may be to blame. And not the kind of flicker that’s obvious. Research shows that lights can flicker so subtly that humans aren’t aware of it, and yet that flickering can have a harmful impact on health, spurring all the symptoms listed above.[1] That’s yet another reason to replace old lights, before they start to notably flicker.

Not sure where to begin?

Take a lighting walk around your home and ask yourself, “Where do I spend time? What kind of mood or feel do I want to have when I’m there? Does the lighting need to be brighter? Softer? A certain color?”

A trained lighting expert can provide a custom consultation to help you find your way out of the dark. They can weigh in on what kind of lights are best for your home, how to save money on lighting, and make sure everything is installed correctly.

Psst: Bonfe offers FREE in-home lighting consultations – all you have to do is call!

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[1] Source: Lighting Research and Technology

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