National HVAC Tech Day: Shout Out to Our Awesome Bonfe Techs!

Thursday, June 22 is National HVAC Tech Day. There’s a “day” for everything it seems, but HVAC Tech Day is an important one. Why? Because HVAC techs are responsible for keeping your home safe and comfortable, just like it should be. For that, they deserve our appreciation!

We’ve become so accustomed to the luxuries of air conditioning and central heat that it can be easy to take indoor comfort for granted. That is, until the AC goes out on a 90-degree summer day and we are reminded just how much of a luxury air conditioning really is! And then who do we rely on to save us? Our friendly neighborhood HVAC techs.

We’ve been celebrating National HVAC Tech Day all week long over on Facebook and Twitter. In honor of the big day, we’re highlighting a couple Bonfe HVAC techs that really set the bar. We asked them a few questions about their perspective on the trade, personal career highlights, and misconceptions they’d like to debunk.

Here’s what they had to say:

On HVAC as a Career

Tyler Jackson 

“Looking back on my career, I’ve had many highlights or successes that have made me feel confident that I am doing what’s best for me. I’m doing something that I enjoy while helping people at the same time.

Nothing has been more satisfying for me than helping other technicians jumpstart their careers. As a young technician, I worked to increase my knowledge and get ahead of the learning curve. I am now training individuals of all ages into this field that I know and love.

For the upcoming generation of techs, it’s not just about gaining the knowledge and techniques, but also about truly being a service technician. There is an increasing emphasis on customer service in the field, on creating relationships and positive experiences. That’s something we really pride ourselves on here at Bonfe. Every time I walk into a customer’s home for the first time and greet them with a smile, ready to answer all their questions, I distinguish myself from other techs in my area. Striving for a different level of service is key to ensuring company growth.”

Altin Niklekaj

“Looking back on my career, the most rewarding thing for me has been the ability to diagnose and improve an HVAC system by designing a complete heating, ventilation, and cooling system that reduces the energy costs up to 40%.”

On Misconceptions About HVAC


“One of the major misconceptions about the HVAC field is doing honest work. I have been asked many times over the years whether I am being honest with a customer, which is an understandable question, but not one I like to hear. Customers should look for a good company they trust and continue to do business with them. Creating relationships with your techs will allow you to move past anxiety about being taken advantage of.”


“If it’s not broke don’t fix it! HVAC systems need to be maintained to help prevent costly repairs and prolong the life expectancy of the equipment. Proper maintenance should be performed before resorting to full system replacement. The best tool for that is Service Agreements, which will provide a maintenance schedule to ensure the best performance of the HVAC system, along with peace of mind for the homeowner.”

On Working for Bonfe


“Bonfe has been a great company for me over the past year, and I am glad I decided to utilize my talents with a company that will aid in my growth throughout my career. Bonfe provides great benefits for technicians, and opportunities for personal growth as well as growth within the company. Bonfe has always been open to feedback from technicians to make it a better company for everyone—management, technicians, and most importantly, our customers.

We as Bonfe technicians are driven, determined, passionate, committed, articulate communicators, and relationship builders. We’re always looking for ways to self-improve, and we have the willingness and openness to learn. Most importantly, we do the right thing for our customers and offer outstanding quick and efficient service.”


“I like to work for Bonfe because it gave me an opportunity to grow and it helped me find the best position where I feel free, trusted, and able to perform at my top level.”

If you’ve had a great experience with a Bonfe tech, we invite you to share your appreciation on National HVAC Tech Day by leaving a review on Facebook and mentioning your tech by name!

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