More Than Just “Wrangling Turds”: Bonfe Celebrates Hug a Plumber Week

If you paid attention to our social media feeds last week, you saw that we celebrated National Hug a Plumber Day (April 25) with a whole week dedicated to recognizing the skilled techs that make our team a well-oiled machine.

In the words of one Bonfe tech, plumbing is about more than “wrangling turds” all day. As you’ll hear from our techs below, plumbers are responsible for the health and safety of our communities—and we have an exceptionally great team of community heroes (aka plumbers) here at Bonfe.

The theme for our Hug a Plumber Week was #EmbracePlumbing, an occasion to celebrate the profession, debunk misconceptions, and share insider tips. We asked our plumbing techs to share a few thoughts on their career, tricks of the trade, and what it’s like working for Bonfe.

Read on to hear from a few of our plumbing techs and discover the strong sense of pride – and sense of humor! – they have in their profession.

Professionals, Not Handymen

Jon T. wants to break the plumbing stereotype and let people know that, “The whole ‘plumbers crack’ image is not who we are or how we present ourselves. We are professionals, not handymen.”

“I look at plumbing as the chance to solve puzzles every day for a living. In my career, I’ve progressed from hardly knowing anything to rarely running into a problem I can’t solve. However, it does still happen sometimes. And to be honest, I’m grateful when it does because it means I get to learn something new.”

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More Than Just “Wrangling Turds”

Ray G.’s biggest career highlight was obtaining his journeyman license and passing the exam on the first try, without the help of a prep course. “I studied and prepared and it definitely paid off,” he said.

He wants everyone to know that, contrary to popular belief, plumbing is more than just “wrangling turds all day.” In reality, he says, “As licensed plumbers, we help protect the health of the nation. Without plumbers keeping our potable water clean and getting waste going where it needs to go, we would be living in a much different world with a lot more death and disease.”

Do Not Try This at Home

Adam N. wants to debunk once and for all the misconception that it’s cheaper to do it yourself. “I’m all for people doing their own plumbing if they know what they’re doing and have some skills or experience,” he says. “But I’ve seen DIY jobs go very wrong and turn out much more expensive in the long run. Plumbing can be dangerous to health and safety if done incorrectly, and is often best left to someone who has the training to do it well and do it right.”

For Adam, plumbing is all about the people. “My favorite part of my job is the joy of helping people and solving their problems every day. I also really enjoy the people I work with. I’m lucky to be part of a great team at Bonfe, working alongside people who are all friendly, helpful, professional, and team players.”

To learn more about what it’s like to work for Bonfe or view current opportunities, check out our careers page or call 651-CAREERS.

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