HVAC Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

We’re finally coming to the end of winter, and your house has weathered a lot over the last few months—extreme temperatures, blustering winds, heavy snowfall, and ice buildup.

Pressing the reset button on your house after a harsh winter involves more than a deep spring cleaning. A solid spring cleaning should also include a thorough spring home maintenance checklist for your HVAC systems and general home upkeep.

Following a spring home maintenance checklist will not only get your HVAC systems ready for the spring and summer seasons, but it will actually extend the lifespan of your most critical home systems.

This post outlines Bonfe’s recommendations for what should be on your spring home maintenance checklist.

Outdoor Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

  1. Inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles. Damaged shingles can make your roof vulnerable to leaks during spring showers. If it needs repair, call at least three roofers for a quote before committing to one.
  2. Clean out your gutters of any dirt or debris leftover from the fall and winter so that they’re able to efficiently funnel water from spring showers safely away from your home. If you live in a two or three-story home, consider hiring professional gutter cleaners for your own safety.
  3. Fix any sagging sections of your gutter so that it’s secured in a level position to your roof and slopes toward the downspouts. Verify that downspouts divert water at least three feet away from the side of the house in order to prevent basement flooding.
  4. Inspect windows for cracks that may require caulking. Cracks around your windows can allow cool air to escape and warm summer air to enter your home, decreasing AC efficiency.
  5. Clear the area around your air conditioning unit. Debris such as branches can collect around your unit during winter storms.
  6. Check screens on windows and doors for tears, then clean them thoroughly by rubbing them with kerosene before rinsing with soap and water.
  7. Inspect your foundation for cracks or deterioration that could cause spring flooding. If you discover that a number of bricks are losing mortar or cracks wider than a nickel, call a professional.
  8. Build up soil around the perimeter of your house, sloping it away from the foundation in order to prevent basement flooding or soil erosion.
  9. Check decks and patios for loose pieces and deterioration that could pose a safety hazard. Exposed wood should be re-stained once ever 4-6 years.
  10. Test your sprinkler system, looking for leaky valves, clogged or malfunctioning sprinkler heads, exposed lines, and sections of yard that receive too much or too little water.
  11. De-winterize your exterior faucets to get ready for summer gardening and lawn maintenance.

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Indoor Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

  1. Schedule your seasonal AC tune-up to prepare for the new season.
  2. Clean your bathroom fans by taking the cover off and cleaning dirt off the blades with a toothbrush.
  3. Check your toilet flappers to determine whether they are still in good shape. Replace if they seem old to prevent them from leaking or wasting water.
  4. Test your smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors. Replace batteries if necessary.
  5. Replace your AC filter to flush out spring allergy pollutants such as pollen and dust and enhance your indoor air quality.
  6. Clean and dust your AC unit. Over time, dust collection can impact the efficiency of the unit.
  7. Pay a visit to your attic to search for infestations of mold, insects, or other unwanted signs of life.
  8. Walk through your basement to look for cracks in the foundation and signs of termites. Even a quarter-inch indentation warrants calling pest control.
  9. Inspect insulation. Good insulation and ventilation will deter mold growth and help keep your house cool during hot summer months.
  10. Check all faucets, drains, and pipes to inspect for leaks and clogs. Don’t forget to poke your head under kitchen and bathroom sinks to look for loose connections.
  11. Test the sump pump to ensure it is working correctly. The last thing you want is for it to fail you when you need it the most. A quick test can save you thousands of dollars in damage. Run through the most common causes of sump pump failure to make sure you’re protected against all possibilities.

Spring Maintenance AC Tune-Up!

In addition to following this DIY spring home maintenance checklist, don’t forget to schedule your seasonal system tune-up with a Bonfe technician! Regular inspections by an HVAC professional keep your home systems in optimal working condition.

Not sure why your spring tune-up is so important? Check out this guide to what happens during an AC tune-up.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and clarity.

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    The Indoor and Out door check lists are great. As a home owner, the list of things to check is a very good thing to have. Some things I have never thought of to check. I have printed them out and will keep them in a place that is easy to see to remind myself to do.

    Thanks again

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