10 Smart Lighting Ideas That Will Make Your Life Better

You’ve probably heard about some of the smart lighting products out there that you can use to automate your home lighting system. From smart switches to smart bulbs, the technology is pretty cool. But how can you take smart lighting technology from “cool” to useful? We have 10 smart lighting ideas that will make your life better.

Smart Lighting Ideas for Your Home

  1. Going out of town? Set your lighting system to cycle on and off at random intervals in order to simulate occupancy. This will help make your home less vulnerable while you’re away.
  1. There’s something a little depressing about coming home to a dark house after a long day. Use smart lighting technology to program your lights to turn on automatically when you get home from work.
  1. Realize when you get to work that you accidentally left your closet light on at home? Your smart lighting app can switch lights on and off remotely, so no need to worry about racking up the electric bill.

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  1. Reading in bed and feel your eyelids drooping? Don’t bother getting out of bed to turn the lights off. With voice command, you can just tell your lights to turn off. Then fall asleep to sweet visions of how cool that makes you feel.
  1. If you’re expecting evening visitors, synchronize your porch light to the sunset. Your light will then automatically turns on when the sun goes down so visitors are never left stumbling in the dark.
  1. Not a morning person? Set your smart lightbulbs to slowly brighten in the morning, simulating the rising sun and giving you a gentler wake up call.
  1. Smart bulbs have the ability to create lighting zones and save your favorite settings to create the perfect mood for any occasion. Everyone in your family can curate their own customized lighting for date night, movie night, and those parties your teenagers definitely don’t throw when you go out of town.
  1. Got a little one with a fear of the dark? Use your smart bulb’s sophisticated dimming, light temperature, and color settings, to create a personalized nightlight that turns on at bedtime and makes them feel cozy and safe.
  1. There are many apps out there that sync smart bulbs with music to turn your living room or basement into a nightclub.
  1. IFTTT programming, otherwise known as “If this, then that,” allows you to create settings that trigger certain lighting actions based on a preceding event. For example, you could set your lights to flash red if your Nest Protect senses smoke or carbon monoxide.

Sometimes it’s the small conveniences that have the biggest impact on your quality of life. Have fun playing around with these smart lighting ideas and exploring Alexa integrations when you install smart lighting technology in your home.

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