10 Reasons to Become a Bonfe Plumber

Plumbers are among the most in-demand trade specialists in the job market right now—and their demand is only growing. According to Labor Bureau statistics, demand for plumbers is expected to grow by 21% between 2012 and 2022. The average projected growth in demand across all professions is just 11%.


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Here are 5 more good reasons to pursue a career in plumbing, as well as 5 benefits to being employed by Bonfe:

5 Reasons to Become a Plumber

1) Job Security – No matter how many advancements are made in technology, we are always going to need running water and flushing toilets, so we are always going to need plumbers. Plumbing is a recession-proof profession. Even in times of economic downturn, people need their pipes fixed. If you’re a good plumber and have good work ethic, you will always be able to find employment.

2) Advancement Opportunity – Most people have an idea of plumbing as a low-paying profession, but the earning potential of plumbers is quite high. Even at a starting rate, plumbers earn a very competitive salary. By taking on more jobs and and greater responsibility, you can quickly carve out your own opportunities for advancement and climb the career ladder. If you work hard as a service technician, you can advance to become a field or operations manager within just a few years.

3) Job Variety – Being a plumber isn’t always the same thing day in and day out. In fact, no two days on the job are ever alike. Plumbing is a profession that keeps you on your toes with constant surprises, like burst pipes or flooding sump pumps.

4) Range of Experience – As a plumber, you won’t be chained to a desk in a cubicle all day. Plumbers are out in the world, visiting locations all over town and meeting new people every day. They use their bodies as well as their minds to solve problems on the job. The physical demands of the job keep your body strong and healthy, while the problem solving keeps your mind sharp.

5) Flexibility – Plumbers work hard, but they work flexible hours. You can dial up or scale back the number of hours and jobs you work per week. You might have to trade off covering the overnight shift with your colleagues, but you’ll also get some morning and weekdays off. The flexible schedule of a career in plumbing is a good fit for people with family obligations, or who need flexibility for other reasons.

5 Reasons to Be a Bonfe Plumber

1) Training – We help our plumbers advance in their skills and profession by providing ongoing training to our plumbers at every stage in their career—from apprentice to journeyman. Training encompasses technical skills, customer service, and sales.

2) Advancement – Our plumbers work hard, and we reward that by making it a priority to promote from within and provide plenty of opportunities to transition between different internal roles. Field personnel can move into management positions.

3) Steady Work – Bonfe has experienced 20% growth in business year over year for the last four years running. There’s always work on the books, and no sign of slowing down.

4) Bonuses and Benefits – Bonfe offers monthly incentives to our employees based on the quality and efficiency of work performed. We also offer one of the best benefits packages around, including retirement plans. Bonfe takes care of our plumbers today and tomorrow.

5) Trucks & Transportation – We want to make sure the best plumbers are delivered fully-equipped to the job. Our dispatcher juggles logistics to make an effort to start you near your home in the morning and end your day nearby as well. Our trucks are less than 2 years old and we stock them with uniforms and equipment 2 to 3 times per week so that you always have everything you need to get the job done right.

Bonfe is currently hiring plumbers! Learn more about the benefits of being a Bonfe plumber here.

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6 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Become a Bonfe Plumber

  1. I am the building engineer for Lifetime Fitness at the Target Center. I have seen your commercial several times and am wondering if you have a place for a person such as myself. I’m not a licensed plumber or electrician. I do plumbing, I do electrical, I have my special engineer boilers license and a CPO Certificate. I know how to do sheet rock repair, painting and tile repair. Please let me know I’ve left my email for you

    1. Thanks for the message, Dean. I have sent your email to Nate Williams, our talent recruiter, and asked him to reach out to you. We hire trades people of all skill levels. We’re looking forward to starting the conversation with you!

      Bryan Delmont
      Operations Manager

  2. I’m looking for a full time job,and to be year round work,David Comer 651 724 2996 leave me a voice mail if I don’t answer,thanks happy holidays

    1. Thanks for your message, David. I have forwarded your info to our Recruiter, Nate Williams. You should be hearing form him soon.

      Bryan Delmont
      General Manager

  3. I’m looking to move on from my current job. As a warehouse supervisor I can’t advance any higher. My father was an electrician and I’ve helped him on a few job sites but that’s about it. However I have no schooling in plumbing and only little experience in electrics. Is aquiring a job with Bonfe a possibility?

    1. Thanks for the message, Charles. I have forwarded your information to our Recruiter, Nate, and asked that he follow up with you.

      Bryan Delmont
      General Manager

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